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I remember my childhood everyday
It is the greatest moment gives me relief
I was thoughtless at my childhood
No matter no duty I had deeply


Passing the nights
Keeping lovely memories left
Of the days getting and lossing
Many things have continuously been changing

The tune of life is amazing
Starts where ends where
Is it for once?
Crying out my mind that

With the sounds of birds
The first light of the day appeares

Steps by steps I am growing up
I understand all the feelings of each year

Sometime the mind tells,
'Let me love you',
Sometime it tells,
'Not, you can't love.

The little girl Anne Frank
Had a little mind also of her

The gone days had gone many days before
I don't want to cry for them
Let them be gone
Welcome the new


Someone from there calls me
Calls me to leave this world
I can yet remember
The peace I had

Be careful of love
Very good and both side of life
Real love as you are thinking alone
On the sand while

The world once was a green earth

It looked so beautiful then

I had nothing to do when the society threw me out
Today yet when I'm thrown out, I'm having nothing to do
When I pass by their neglect seems to me I've been slapped
When the whole society was about to leave me, there was just my parents who supported me affectionately

The Sun I see will arise
Whether I sit and stand
In this world
For a few long

I'm a mad like you too
Let's become mad.
I'll be the mad one for you.
None but the stars tell

My lovely dear!
I love you very much!
Where have you gone?
I am searching for you.

You are my girlfriend so beautiful,
I love you so much.
I think you as a beautiful God,
Worship you in mind.

Biplab Singha Biography

I am Biplab Singha. My birth was on 25 August,1997. I am from Siliguri, Darjeeling, India. I am reading in B.A First year with English in Kalipada Ghosh Taray Mahavidyalaya, Bagdogra. In future there is a way to be a teacher so I am trying for this. As it is essential a job for maintaining the life. Now I am 20. Day by day I am passing much experiences. My poems are of that experiences and of my life's sorrow, wanting, loving.)

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I remember my childhood everyday
It is the greatest moment gives me relief
I was thoughtless at my childhood
No matter no duty I had deeply
But the time does not wait
I myself donot know how I have been changed
I have crossed a long distance have known men, seen the society
It was better than the bitter aged
Should we recall the childhood?
Yes growing up we be free
We are disconnected from our family, parents
And choose our life as ours
In the now-world to respect parents you must remember childhood

Biplab Singha Comments

Akhtar Jawad 28 March 2014

Yogi! why are you so much pessimistic. Be optimistic. You are a good poet. You may get death at any time but you are not going to get this life, I repeat this life, again. No doubt death is not the end and it is transformation of one foem of life into another. But this life too may be made attractive. I am also a tired man, tired of my life, too; but when I see my grand children I wish to live because I love them and they love me too. Love may be with any one. Look for some one who loves you, love him and wish to live.

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Biplab Singha Quotes

Life is too short, Live it like yourself.

The past is problem for me Because I myself pulling it into me.

Reality and emotion are very far from each other.

Poverty is a curse to life

Perfect practise is the key to success.

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Biplab Singha Popularity

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