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YASHMITHA BOMIDI 12 December 2021

Thankyou sir for supporting me

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Tanu Talong 04 December 2021

New poem

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Tanu Talong 04 December 2021

Love moment

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The Best Poem Of Biraj Valia

Title Of Poem: If

Will swirl the hues of twilight for your blush
Entwine amidst your curls to embrace the night
To glitter the stars of happiness in your bosom

Will follow your footprints along life's shores
Twirl the waves of joy to wash away your gloom
Play susurrus of love in your ears all night

Will caress your heart with a breeze of ardour
Tuck you with warmth under the quilt of intimacy
Make your mornings sing melodies so sweet

If, you let me take you along my life's journey
25th November 2021

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