Birgit Bunzel Linder

Freshman - 526 Points (Oberhausen, Germany)

Birgit Bunzel Linder Poems

1. I, Too, Sing This Country 9/30/2015
2. Animus Revertendi 9/30/2015
3. All Saints Day 9/30/2015
4. Man On The Moon 9/30/2015
5. Late Autumn 9/30/2015
6. Twelve Topknots In Taipo 9/30/2015
7. Samurai Dreamers 9/30/2015
8. An Evening At The Ocean 9/30/2015
9. Some Observations In A Coffee Shop In Suzhou 9/30/2015
10. A Seaside Tree 9/30/2015
11. Still Missing You 9/30/2015
12. A Gravedigger In Exile 9/30/2015
13. Ghosts Of A Generation 9/30/2015
14. A Mother-Tongue In Exile 9/30/2015
15. Hu-Manity 9/30/2015
16. The Once Red Scholar, Or, June Third 9/30/2015
17. The Black Rainstorm 9/30/2015
18. Simply Darwish, V: Common Humanity 9/30/2015
19. Birds Of Paradise Flee Toward East 1/23/2016
20. The Dis/Quiet Of Exile 1/23/2016
21. Acanary In The Coalmines 1/23/2016
22. Rain Stories 1/23/2016
23. Like Lashes 1/23/2016
24. Sister Butterfly 1/23/2016
25. You Dropped Your Thought 1/23/2016
26. Homeless 1/23/2016
27. Buried Alive 1/23/2016
28. Do Not Count Our Days 1/23/2016
29. Broken In The Morning 1/23/2016
30. At A Loss 1/23/2016
31. A Cake, A Stew, And A Thousand Smiles 1/23/2016
32. Winter Coat 1/23/2016
33. Simply Kafka: Pinky Swear 1/23/2016
34. Sharpshooting Memories 1/23/2016
35. You And I 1/23/2016
36. Wounded Soldier 1/23/2016
37. A Un Diplomat In A Hong Kong Jewelry Store 1/23/2016
38. Just One Word 1/23/2016
39. A Raving Soul 1/23/2016
40. A Poet's Demons 1/23/2016

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Best Poem of Birgit Bunzel Linder

A Quiet Life

Today we walked out of our dream
to sit on the brown bench again,
right across the bare white rocks
that soften the sea.
A summer evening
when we are both quiet,
entranced by the colors of the six o’clock sun
that flicker over the ocean,
mesmerized by the inaudible life
that hangs in the air.
When leaves rustle in the breeze
you whisper, “I think it is a poem.”
“It came like water, and like wind it goes, ”
I whisper back.
Far away, a sail silently glides from east to west.
I look at you and smile.
Our hearts, too, once crossed over
from one...

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Water At Night

In the middle of every night,
the moon’s noise wakes me.
I hear water everywhere.

Water that whispers in capillaries.
Water that hides under cracks.
Water white with soap.
Water quiet from coal.
Water that drips into the aquarium.

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