Francis Duggan Birthday Poems

For Betty On Her 90th Birthday

On her 90th birthday on July the 13th for her there will be a party
And Betty Trencher still going strong and she feels hale and hearty
And Anthea, Rachel and Olga will be there and perhaps John and Peter
For to sing her happy birthday and to toast her and to fete her.

Tomorrow Is Her Birthday

So generous and kind in her own charming way
Tomorrow for her will be a special day
Her sixty eight birthday she will celebrate
She looks well though she has been ageing of late

To Fiona On Her Birthday

You are three years old Fiona at beginning of life's way
And I hope you had a good party and a wonderful birthday
Just a three year little lady and yet too young to know
That life's pathway isn't rosy thorns on life's pathway grow.

To Genevieve On Her Twenty Ninth Birthday

Happy Birthday to you Genevieve today you are twenty nine
And with age you have grown mellow like the good expensive wine
And on looking back a decade the years simply seemed to fly
And hope this tenth day of August is a day you will enjoy.

Isaac Newton's Birthday

January the fourth is Isaac Newton's Birthday
Though near three centuries dead his legend not in decay
England's greatest genius as some are known to say
The Wizard of Woolsthorpe from here far away

Liam's Birthday Wish

Don't want money for my birthday mum buy me a mouse instead
I'll keep him in a little cage on floor beside my bed
I haven't had a pet for years since my last mouse passed away
And I would appreciate a mouse this year for my birthday.

To Sarah On Her Twenty Second Birthday

So Sarah it's your birthday twenty two
And a happy birthday red haired one to you
And may all of your dreams for future years come true
And may you achieve the goals that you pursue.

On Mary Duggan Healy's Eightieth Birthday

She was born as Mary Duggan just west of Millstreet Town
In Claraghatlea where on Clara Mountain looks down
She grew into a beautiful young woman kind, caring and wise
With dark wavy hair and lovely blue eyes

To Janice On Her Birthday

I love you more than words can ever say
And from you I've no wish to go away
Unless of course that is you want me to
But you can't ever stop me loving you.

Happy Birthday Talented One

A rose by any name a rose and you I'm not trying to impress
And you have always been a rose you beautiful poetess
And this rose like flower I give to you to much may not amount
Though some do say and I'm one of those that it is the thought that count.

On Michael Dineen's Ninetieth Birthday

On Sundays at 11 a m mass in Millstreet with their two daughters and son they were often seen
When they lived in Kilcorney Michael and Margaret Dineen
Before they moved to Pound Hill in Millstreet Town where they live today
On looking back the Seasons how fast time does tick away

On Joe White's Ninetieth Birthday

So many he knew in his younger years to life have come and gone
But like the great man that he is Joe White keeps on keeping on
Ten years short of his century in his ninetieth year of life
I remember him and his daughter daughter Bibi and his now long deceased wife.

Burns Birthday 'Jan 25th'

Today is the birthday of Robert Burns the greatest poet of his clan and race
He will always be the favourite son of Scotland and never anyone to take his place
Today they celebrate his life in Scotland and in pubs around the Land drink to his fame
There never was a greater poet than Burns and of his equals so few one could name.

The Birthday Man

In October Brian Murphy turned eighty two though he is one who don't feel old
And in his life of great adventure there's a good story to be told
As a young man he left Skerries in Dublin for Britain and the U S A
And in the tough business of banking to the top he worked his way.

On Mr's O Keeffe's One Hundred Birthday

For a century of living she does not seem on the wane
She has lived through many Seasons Mr's O' Keeffe of Mill View Lane
Devoted to her children and to her late husband Batt a good wife
In Millstreet Town she has lived the most of her life

Noreen's Seventieth Birthday

To her sons Den Joe and Conleth a good mother and to Jerry Murphy a devoted wife
May the twenty eight Noreen Duggan Murphy's birthday a milestone in her life
To her parents a good daughter if alive they would feel proud of her today
Noreen our sister is a good person and she will always be this way

On Julia Murphy's One Hundred Birthday

Two World wars have been fought since Julia Murphy of Gortavehy life's journey began
A century of living in time is quite a long span
Images of her on the Millstreet Website by Sean Radley with her friends and her son Donie quite amazing to see
And he in his late sixties of an age quite similar to me

To Collette On Her Birthday

Oh I do remember you Collette
Nor am I likely to forget
You skipping rope by cottage door
Though since much water has flown to sea shore.

Memories Of Rosemary's Fiftieth Birthday Party

Phil Cronin is a man who is well travelled and half way around the Planet he has flown
Yet when he talks of Millstreet in Duhallow you always hear him mention the word home
And though he's raised his children in Australia and he left Ireland many years ago
He still talks with a strong Duhallow accent an accent that he never will outgrow.

Yvonne's Sixtieth Birthday

Yvonne has turned sixty on October seventeen
And like many other women life's good and bad days she has seen
Her son and daughter two good people and she feels proud of their success
And the birth of her grand daughter Matilda has brought her great happiness.

Lida's Birthday

She has never known it easy Lida who is fifty five today
And she does not wear any makeup or hair dye to cover her gray
And she won't be having a birthday party she says what's to celebrate
Life has not been happy for me since I lost Jim my soul mate

To Annette On Her Birthday

Annette you are forty three so I've been told
But you don't look one forty three years old
And to your years your appearance give the lie
And you look twenty years younger than I.

Happy Birthday Nuala Taylor

Happy birthday Nuala Taylor though the greeting may be late
For one in her middle thirties you do certainly look great
If I did not know what age you were I'd say you were nineteen
As you look beautiful as ever and remain a beauty queen.

To Lisa On Her Birthday

Happy birthday to you Lisa I hear that you are seventeen
And the years they have flown quickly like waters of a flooded stream
Yes those years have flown so quickly seems like only yesterday
That I was shown a photo of you as a baby by your grandma in Claraghatlea.

To Murray On His Birthday

He works for Cunningham and Kelleher their kato operator
And he is good at what he do perhaps nobody greater
His thirtieth birthday hours away and time is on the hurry
And we can only wish him well a happy birthday Murray.

On Hearing Of Genevieve's Thirtieth Birthday

I've heard that Genevieve has turned thirty and the birthday
party for her one she did enjoy
Doesn't seem that long since she was a teenager on looking back the years just seemed to fly
She's studying for to be a social worker and very soon she will have her degree

On Genevieve's Thirtieth Birthday

I've heard that Genevieve has turned thirty and the birthday party for her one she did enjoy
Doesn't seem so long since she was a teenager on looking back the years just seemed to fly
She's studying for to be a social worker and very soon she will have her degree
And you might say that she's done it the hard way and few if any as worthy as she.

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