Black Rabbit

Rookie (3-20-76 / North Dakota (USA))

Black Rabbit Poems

1. Beside You All The Way 3/14/2009
2. I Shouldn'T But I Do 3/14/2009
3. What Life Left 3/14/2009
4. What Circles Around 3/14/2009
5. People Are Stupid! 3/18/2009
6. Can They Really? 3/24/2009
7. World Go Round 3/24/2009
8. Why Can'T This Would Be Right? 3/29/2009
9. The Gate 3/29/2009
10. A Time In Our Generation 3/29/2009
11. The Dragon And The Warrior 6/15/2009
12. By And More 7/21/2009
13. Forever And A Day 7/21/2009
14. Greatest Of All 7/21/2009
15. Seek And Find 7/21/2009
16. If You Dream Of Me 7/21/2009
17. When You Sing To Me 7/21/2009
18. One More Day With You 7/21/2009
19. Waiting 7/21/2009
20. Drain 7/21/2009
21. The Gambler, The Poet, And The Poker Player 7/21/2009
22. Poets...Ain'T We A Pair 12/30/2009
23. The Lucky One 12/30/2009
24. You Wonder...Why? ? 12/30/2009
25. What Can I Say? ? (Its Been Said) 12/30/2009
26. You Can Call Me Joe 4/8/2009
27. Living 4/8/2009
28. Breaking Point 4/14/2009
29. Door 4/15/2009
30. I'M Looking 6/12/2009
31. There Are No Words 6/12/2009
32. Drinking In Watertown 3/29/2009
33. Daddy, Daddy, The Sheep..... 3/29/2009
34. Darkness Inside Me 6/12/2009
35. Little Bit Of Everything Here 3/29/2009
36. Have You Ever Had? 3/14/2009
37. Why, Who I Am 3/29/2009
38. Somedays 4/6/2009
39. Cowboys And Indians 3/11/2009
40. I Don'T Expect 3/14/2009

Comments about Black Rabbit

  • Deborah Cromer Deborah Cromer (6/5/2009 10:34:00 AM)

    Hallways, doors, paths, windows and roads..All are good makings for poetry. I like this poem you wrote. Enter or exist,2 little words,1 big decision. Our choice can change our life. Deborah Cromer

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Best Poem of Black Rabbit

Why Do I Remember Pain?

Why do we go back to the places that cause us the most memories?
Do we do it to never forget what we were 'once apon a time'?
How much we could do, or what we could've been?
Where would we be now?

Why do I go back home only in my mind?
So that I can't break the past?
Or change the way it makes me feel, inside?
Because happyness seems better there.

Why do I remember pain?
Is it because of how much I wish it wasn't so?
Or is it because the cuts truly never heal?
Because it makes me, who I am today.

When I think and get sad at what ...

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Bring Out Your Dead

Bring out your Dead! !
He yells, and they walk out carring it, the box.
The box that holds his whole world, the memories he can't share with her again.
The moments that will never be, or the time that they will never spend. Together.

Bring out your Dead!
He yells, and the others help him carry the life in the box.
The one that will never beat full of life, and laughs, and love.

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