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I'm an American Indian, living in Oklahoma USA. I'm married with one great daughter, I've written short stories, plays and poetry. I enjoy writing and speaking to other writers. I like reading other peoples work and commenting on them however I will critize from time to time so please don't ask me to read something unless you really want my true op ...

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Why Do I Remember Pain?

Why do we go back to the places that cause us the most memories?
Do we do it to never forget what we were 'once apon a time'?
How much we could do, or what we could've been?
Where would we be now?

Life Is Loss

I have given this one most thought.
To learn this lesson you may not want.
But everybody knows and everybody felt
Some have seen more with the hand they've been dealt.

The Truth

Ok, you want the truth, here it is:

The truth is that lives get lost.
Love doesn't always pay the cost.

Bring Out Your Dead

Bring out your Dead! !
He yells, and they walk out carring it, the box.
The box that holds his whole world, the memories he can't share with her again.
The moments that will never be, or the time that they will never spend. Together.

Mona Lisa

When you look at all the great deeds we have done.
And if I do this well enough, this could be one.
I think about all the people displeased.
With all the works of art that people have released.

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Deborah Cromer 05 June 2009

Hallways, doors, paths, windows and roads..All are good makings for poetry. I like this poem you wrote. Enter or exist,2 little words,1 big decision. Our choice can change our life. Deborah Cromer

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