Blossom Mist

Rookie - 6 Points (24 February 1978 / India)

Blossom Mist Poems

1. Your's Truly 10/20/2011
2. My Angels Day 12/8/2011
3. Eternally Apart 12/19/2011
4. Wish You Were Here 1/7/2012
5. A Night's Love 1/7/2012
6. The Devil's Warning 1/9/2012
7. The Night Of The Knight 1/11/2012
8. Through Your Eyes 1/15/2012
9. Tears In Rain! 1/18/2012
10. To The End..Race! ! 3/12/2012
11. Wish I Could Fly 3/12/2012
12. Mystically Rustic 8/17/2012
13. Murder By Ice 9/15/2012
14. The Precious One! 4/30/2012
15. Loneliness In Me 5/10/2012
16. Redemption 3/9/2014
17. A Handful Of Sky 3/9/2014
18. No Longer 5/5/2014
19. A Surreal Tryst 2/20/2013
20. Fun 1/6/2012
21. Milestone 10/20/2011
22. A Mask 10/20/2011
23. Desirable Fire? 3/12/2012
24. Togetherness 5/5/2014
25. Your Silence 5/22/2012
26. I Have A Dream 11/17/2011
27. Heavenly Desert 1/8/2012
28. My House 11/28/2011
29. Sweet Nibblets 1/4/2012
30. Unexpected Love 1/11/2012
31. Twilight Woods 12/16/2012
32. I Don'T Know Why............... 12/16/2012
33. Shadows 3/12/2012
34. Christmas Light 1/8/2012
35. Sept 6 12/14/2011
36. A Day's Affair 2/9/2013
37. Whisper In My Ear! 1/10/2012
38. You And Me 1/14/2012
39. Love Song 3/3/2012
40. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining. 11/28/2011
Best Poem of Blossom Mist

The Fall

I open my eyes one fine day,
To find myself hanging on a cliff at bay
I focus my mind on how I got there
But fail as if my memory wasn’t there
I find it hard to understand, How I ended in an accident
The earth seems moving, the sky seems falling
I thought to myself it was heaven calling
I prayed my last as breath seems to fade fast
I felt happy to be free, as it would end all my misery
My fingers slipped, my strength dipped
And I started falling off the cliff
I dropped faster and my head felt lighter
Like an untethered kite or a swift feather
I saw ...

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Your's Truly

I walk with you like a shadow that never leaves you.
In the sun and thru the storm, I will be with you all day long.
A smile to share wtih a word of care.
An ear to listen when you talk, a shoulder to lean when you stop.
I will be your faith when you pray, a ray of hope on a dark day.
A smile on your lips is all I wish, My love for you is sealed with a kiss.
Like the warmth of sun on the snow, and as the soothing moon glows.
I will be with you my love, as the angels look on us from above.

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