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Years they have past and I still feel the same
The love in my heart that love will remain
Everyday of my life i picture her face
Only her! out of the whole human race

A picture says a thousand words, a poet but a few
Not everything we see or hear, is absolutely true!
Iv'e seen pictures that’s been doctored, and lies will people tell
But a poets words come from the heart, nay! from his inner shell!


Alone with people all around
Alone with friends i have not found
A satelite among the stars
As far as jupiter is from mars

I travelled from the country, . passing haystacks by the score
I dreamt of city life and the people who had more!
I wanted to be the one of them, when photographs were taken
no longer wearing overalls, a country boy forsaken

I was sitting watching the TV, when i heard my youngest say
have you looked in the mirror Dad! by God your getting grey!
your starting to look old Dad 'I was under attack'
I've just put a rinse through my hair, do you fancy going black?

Fifteen miles across the bay
That's where the Coromandel lay
Along its shore, the twinkling light
Of cars and street lamps of the night

I want to see you tomorrow, said the Doctor on the phone
And bring your wife along, because you won't be driving home!
A deep depression came over me, memories of the past
I was going to get reamed again! i knew it wouldn't last

At fourteen years old, he went down the mine
Like his Dad before him, it was his time
He was issued, with a hat and a lamp
Way below ground its hot and its damp

Our old ship was sinking, very far from land
No lifeboat or floatation aid, was there close at hand
The radio didn't work, and flares would not ignite
No other vessel could be seen, on this dark and lonely night

Driving home one moonless night
On a country road the only light
is from the headlights of my car
beams of light that reaches far

Lost in a world I call my own
Alone in a place that I called home
Loneliness in a crowded room
An empty heart, smells no perfume!

Its Autumn now and its the season
I'm getting old and there's a reason
Were casting off our summers bloom,
Amongst falling leaves I feel in tune

The cold north wind blows her hair
Pounding waves crash the air
She stands alone, looking out to sea
A girl! in abject misery

I was only two when she taught me, how to have a pee
I was quite happy with my nappy! I guess that's womanly!
Stand up straight and listen, point Percy at the pot
Use both hands, lean forward, blessed by God, your not!

Way below the city street
Where rats and the down-an-out do meet
The homeless, junkies, tramps and kids
Heating food on dustbin lids

Its started of coarse, its the way of the future, but with remorse!
Men are not needed for the production of child, random egg selection is running wild!
Sperm banks display, their eggs guaranteed, no weaklings, only male, dominated, seed!
They have developed with mixed DNA, the brains of Einstein with no radio active decay

There's a shadow on the water, and I'm reminiscing of my daughter
As the moons silvery fingers casts its shadows beneath the tree!
The shadow it gets longer, the more I sit and ponder, I cannot help but wonder
If the night will set her free

I want my Dad! i started to cry
why did he have to go and die?
Christmas without him is not the same
i need someone to take the blame!

Buried under ivy, behind a garden shed
i came across a rocking chair, painted shocking red
the legs were loose, the back was broke, it was in a sorry state
the seat broken in three pieces, was holding up the gate

Emptiness, that bridge to far, I've tried so many times to cross that bar
I've tried my best, even bought a friend, but that proved fruitless in the end!
time and age are against the old, younger people are bold! I'm told!
relentless each and every day, they all pass by and go on their way

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Poetry comes from the heart, imagination, and life experiances, there is a poet in us all!)

The Best Poem Of Bob Gibson

Beautiful Love

Years they have past and I still feel the same
The love in my heart that love will remain
Everyday of my life i picture her face
Only her! out of the whole human race
Her eyes, that smile, that lilt of her head
Words can't explain, there's nothing I've read
The perfect first love, we both gave our all
It was not meant to be, we both took a fall
It devastated our lives, we could not forget
Our lives run parallel, and with regret
What would it take to rekindle the fire
For a girl whose love I totally aspire

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 18 February 2012

Although I am quite late reading your poems, the enjoyment and benefit from reading them still remains. Thank you for writing and sharing these with us!

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~ Jon London ~ 30 June 2009

Today, I have taken the time to read one of the most fascinating poets works I have had the pleasure of reading...When reading Bob's poems I was sent off on a roller-coaster of emotions....the twists and turns..up and downs..the heart races..beating faster as you dive in depth into this remarkable poets talent...Heart rendering pieces, telling the stories of love and heart ache...the joys of life...How the world is forever changing around us...and how our attitudes to-wards life can be altered with care for one another....and where we as people have got so many things to reflect on....If you enjoy poetry that speaks volumes of truth, then look no further than this outstanding poets pieces...they're sure to thrill and spill emotion that you have felt at some point through-out your will not be on. All the very best to you Bob, In all that you do my friend. Best wishes Jon London

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Amber ... 24 September 2008

thank you so much, i am eager to read your poems!

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