Bonaventure Onuabuchi Poems

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My Nigeria My Worries.

I can't hide anymore,
the fact behind my burden,
the rise and fall of the nation,
the land of my painful birth,

Lost In Silence

I've lied pertinently to, and; in earnest.
Spending so much to nurture my fear.
The things virtue forbids; I've done.
There has been much harm to love.

Love Afar In Our Midst

The youngest brother;
The power of trinity to perfect every flaw
Has been the nothingness; home for his hopes.
Titeness lulls his interest

Gentle Sleep

Gentle soul, gentle sleep;
The grievance bestowed upon us.
It waded into our hearts:
Our joy, it withered, our fun confiscated.

A Whale Of A Time

Farewell is my accolade,  
I say to the time gone by. 
Die lively and visit no more. 
No wrench is worthy in our parting. 

Goddess Of My Heart

Enthrone me oh goddess of the beauties;
let me a seat in thy heart.
Bestow upon me the envy of the gods.
Treat this love to no nostalgia dawn.

Do Not Call My Solid Tears 'poem

Do not call my solid tears 'Poem
Though in blacks and blues they may room,
That just would seem your sickly thought,
And stoutless like a loosely flag my truth.

She Saved Me

The night like a wading foot;
The twin of my bleak root.
The dawn of light shunned the shore.
Then was beauty like a sage spurring every act of misery.

Forbidden Fate 2

Once more I curse my fate again
That I can her every clinch lose
No one in sanity freely will choose,
To be me and this me freely retain.

Free Me Lord

Free me Lord I yawn everyday
From these grips that turn me to their prey.

Save me Lord from this grisly pit

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