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I can't hide anymore,
the fact behind my burden,
the rise and fall of the nation,
the land of my painful birth,

I've lied pertinently to, and; in earnest.
Spending so much to nurture my fear.
The things virtue forbids; I've done.
There has been much harm to love.

The youngest brother;
The power of trinity to perfect every flaw
Has been the nothingness; home for his hopes.
Titeness lulls his interest

Gentle soul, gentle sleep;
The grievance bestowed upon us.
It waded into our hearts:
Our joy, it withered, our fun confiscated.

Farewell is my accolade,  
I say to the time gone by. 
Die lively and visit no more. 
No wrench is worthy in our parting. 

Enthrone me oh goddess of the beauties;
let me a seat in thy heart.
Bestow upon me the envy of the gods.
Treat this love to no nostalgia dawn.

Do not call my solid tears 'Poem
Though in blacks and blues they may room,
That just would seem your sickly thought,
And stoutless like a loosely flag my truth.

The night like a wading foot;
The twin of my bleak root.
The dawn of light shunned the shore.
Then was beauty like a sage spurring every act of misery.

Once more I curse my fate again
That I can her every clinch lose
No one in sanity freely will choose,
To be me and this me freely retain.

Free me Lord I yawn everyday
From these grips that turn me to their prey.

Save me Lord from this grisly pit

Let it rain,
for the ocean is thirsty.
The ocean once filled by water;
is now dried and dusty.

Righteousness is making a loud cry.
Calling the service of humanity.
But sin sinks to the depth of mankind;
and they deprived chastity of its virginity.


Worn seeking for it,
In the depth of grisly pit
Below the mountain base
Through tunnels of thorns and maze

And now death has lived to his desired taste.
Truth despairs in desolation.
Life so forlorn like his quest;
Dies away and fails expection.

Stop feeding me with hope that abstract is betrothed to
Let me cuddle this end that offers me a home.
If life is where dreams lurk and go
My desire unlocks to craft my tomb another home.

Hard to bear,
these words that I hear.
Their truth breed no doubt
I lie where they sprout.

In the realm of memories, a tale untold,
Of a journey embarked, a story to unfold,
A soul scarred by the battles it has known,
A poignant odyssey, a long way gone.

Life has prepared me a disgust before this world
That what feeds her bliss is to drain my blood.
Like a bird in the sky has no roof possessing
I worth me less that men's eyes dwell upon,

Am I a god that can through melodic gifts respire,
That from friends I'm bestowed this banquet of melodies?
Only the wind's can I call compare with thy sweet songs; hers on the flowers ignites fire.
But I am similar to none that is worthy of such honour from your parodies.

I will work my peace,
Salvage some sleep from the tornado!
But they rest upon;
If the unruly gust will ever quit,

Bonaventure Onuabuchi Biography

Bonaventure Onuabuchi Njoku is a young writer/Poet from the Eastern part of Nigerian. He started writing stories at a tender age of about 14. And his poetry career started at a later date, prompted by some difficult situations and life challenges that were frequently bringing him sadness. His first poem was written in an exam hall as his answer sheet was seized due to his inability to pay his school fees. Till date, depression, sorrow, pain, tears, and disappointment have been the themes surrounding his poem. In one of his quotes, he says 'sorrow is my poetry foundation'. Currently, he has no published book, but he has written many.)

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My Nigeria My Worries.

I can't hide anymore,
the fact behind my burden,
the rise and fall of the nation,
the land of my painful birth,
the home of my unrecognized existence.
Nigeria is mine, Nigeria is ours!
I said!
She our pride to be proud!
She is mother to be cherished!
She is our right to defend!
She our nation to build!

But unity is death unburied.
Peace is conflict, and troubled.
Patriotism just history disclaimed.
Anthem sang un-pledged,
with voices divorced.

Just left with history to mourn.
History told neglected,
the war our forefathers fought,
getting our mother a legal marriage.
The wars are gone,
perhaps with the weapons,
the gut, the might, and the spirit.
The joy of 1960 is gone.
The war is no more against the white,
the now is ourselves we fight against.

Arise o compatriots!
Let's awaken this strong flow of emotion.
Forget not to recall,
the labour of Zik and Awolowo,
Belewa and them all who died,
for the legal marriage of our now sick mother.

Again I came an inculcator,
Nigeria is ours to preserve!
Nigeria is ours to serve!
Till then,
I feel no end to my worries.

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There's nothing so painful as living outside of the worlds you create in your mind.

Can a sad man write happy poems? Can a happy man write sad poems? Just like the Heaven and the Earth cannot with ease embrace, these are!

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