Forbidden Fate 2 Poem by Bonaventure Onuabuchi

Forbidden Fate 2

Once more I curse my fate again
That I can her every clinch lose
No one in sanity freely will choose,
To be me and this me freely retain.
Once more I watch my dreams and scream
How far I am to the nearness and beam
Scarily, perusing how tomorrow may not live,
All the shambles and all that yesterdays cannot give.
Once more I conjure today and cry
For this drowning me in a buoyant dryness,
Floats to his end with no end possesses,
Except stillborn bliss dreams and wishes supply.
Once more I weigh my course and curse the cause
How heavily now it is, how lightly then it was
Posing why tomorrow should not even be born
Shrouded in this mist, all dreams just like my garment are torn.
Once more I scorn my life with delight
With my every submissive parts, the heart aside, wanting to off the light
Stealing from me that courage with which such end can be achieved
With this heart possessed I wait and watch this light faints unrelieved.
Once more to the world for help I cry aloud
Seeking each time my Potter's face
Yet, this gloomy cloud I cannot erase
And silence like a roaring thunder is all from the crowd

Forbidden Fate 2
Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: depression,hurt,pain,broken
Edward Kofi Louis 12 April 2019

I weigh my course! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Thanks sir, best regards from Bonaventure

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