Boris Pasternak

(10 February 1890 - 30 May 1960 / Moscow)

Boris Pasternak Poems

1. The Drowsy Garden 5/27/2014
2. Imitators 4/3/2010
3. From Early Dawn The Thirtieth Of April... 4/3/2010
4. From A Poem 4/3/2010
5. I Hang Limp On The Creator's Pen 4/3/2010
6. Humble Home. But Rum, And Charcoal... 4/3/2010
7. The Patient's Sweater 4/3/2010
8. Here A Riddle Has Drawn A Strange Nailmark 4/3/2010
9. Here Will Be Echoes In The Mountains... 4/3/2010
10. I Grew. Foul Weather, Dreams, Forebodings... 4/3/2010
11. The Swifts (1) 4/3/2010
12. So They Begin. With Two Years Gone... 4/3/2010
13. Feasts 4/3/2010
14. The Patient Watches 4/3/2010
15. Here—now—our Age Of Socialism!... 4/3/2010
16. The Garden Scatters Burnt-Up Beetles... 4/3/2010
17. Swifts (2) 4/3/2010
18. My Desk Is Not So Wide That I Might Lean 4/3/2010
19. The Linden Avenue 4/3/2010
20. I Would Go Home Again—to Rooms... 4/3/2010
21. Oh Terrible, Beloved! A Poet's Loving 4/3/2010
22. Things Of Great Worth Shall Come To Pass... 4/3/2010
23. To Boris Pilnyak 4/3/2010
24. False Alarm 4/3/2010
25. On A Fateful Day, An Unlucky Time 4/3/2010
26. Margarita 4/3/2010
27. How Few Are We. Probably Three... 4/3/2010
28. When It Clears Up 4/3/2010
29. Wet Paint 4/3/2010
30. Out Of Superstition 4/3/2010
31. Fiat 4/3/2010
32. Thunderstorm, Instantaneous Forever 4/3/2010
33. Lessons Of English 4/3/2010
34. The Spring-It Had Simply Been You 4/3/2010
35. In Everything I Seek To Grasp... 4/3/2010
36. Three Variants 4/3/2010
37. To The Memory Of Demon 4/3/2010
38. God's World 4/3/2010
39. Storm, Momentary, Forever 4/3/2010
40. The Shiv'Ring Piano, Foaming At The Mouth 4/3/2010

Comments about Boris Pasternak

  • Jay Warier (7/19/2009 11:14:00 AM)

    Could you please include Themes and Variations to enrich the sparse collection? There are some very good poems in there.

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Best Poem of Boris Pasternak

Winter Night

It snowed and snowed ,the whole world over,
Snow swept the world from end to end.
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.

As during summer midges swarm
To beat their wings against a flame
Out in the yard the snowflakes swarmed
To beat against the window pane

The blizzard sculptured on the glass
Designs of arrows and of whorls.
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.

Distorted shadows fell
Upon the lighted ceiling:
Shadows of crossed arms,of crossed legs-
Of crossed destiny.

Two tiny shoes fell to the floor
And ...

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Beneath the willow wound round with ivy
we take cover from the worst
of the storm, with a greatcoat round
our shoulders and my hands around your waist.

I've got it wrong. That isn't ivy
entwined in the bushes round
the wood, but hops. You intoxicate me!
Let's spread the greatcoat on the ground.

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