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A yellow river flows
Through my bloods.

I know the colours of the rain

She came alone!

She entered into the womb of
night and illuminate the dark

A lover, a dreamer, a poet
And a digger:

All are severely looking for

It burns my domesticity!

There are restless clouds in the boat- journey.
That girl returns after selling self,


The elusive rain has left me
But I am not lonely.

I look forward to
The bright path
Paved up to the
Distant hill.

I have drawn numerous lifelines
On the shore of time.

I faught thousands of wars,

The blood as I know
Has no colour nor any flavour
Except it's history
That flows through the ages.

I never mind your business.
It is you, who indulges me.

You often change your mind,

God created my body,
Not my soul and mind.
I have possessed this mortal
Home, not belongs to me.

Love is injurious to heart.


I know the man and his women
For years. I know them as my
Neighbors and friends.

Close relation is very strange
to me for I had never been to
school, nor did I find a professional
to teach me what does it means!

And now, you are a rain tree
And bring down the Stars
From the Heaven!

It means nothing to me when
You close the doors and remain
Inside, leaving the legacy of light.

I have closed the doors of night
And locked myself in.
Beside the lone window
A silver tree listens to

Living together for years means
Nothing but proximity to this
Land of silence:
She murmured.

Nothing is impossible:
She said.

Solitary evening-sky mingled with

Dark has many colours,
They are omni-present!

A lady from Senegal sent

The day breaks with your memories
Full of dews, condensed at night!

Autumn is the best of all seasons,

Braja K Sarkar Biography

A resident of Durgapur, near Calcutta, the cultural capital of India.Literary activities started from school life.First writings was published in a literary magazine at the age of 22.A graduate in Commerce from Calcutta University, Kolkata and degree in Cost & Management Accountancy, started career in Insurance Industry and later in Steel Industry, presently working as Manager(Finance & Accounts) .A creative bi-lingual writer, writes in Benguli language and in English. Thousands of poems, literary criticism, translated poems, Literary Criticism have been published in various magazines in India and abroad. Edit a reputed literary magazine, called'TRISTOOP' since 2001. My Moto is to help others.Literature is priority apart from family.I believe in humanity. Passion for literature, Arts & craft, travelling, painting, reading and Friendship with broad-minded people etc. My poems have been translated in many language.)

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Yellow River Never Meets The Sea

A yellow river flows
Through my bloods.

I know the colours of the rain
And how the blue bloods often
Turn into spoiled grains!

All roads lead to the destiny

Yellow river inside me
Flows silently,
It never meets the sea
I have ever known.......

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Braja K Sarkar Popularity

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