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Voices And Memories

'Voices and Memories'
I hear the voices inside of my head,
whispering to me,
as I lay in my bed.
They know my secrets and desires,
they'll be the ones at my funeral pyre.
I turn over to stare at my wall,
and instead find a picture of her.
It's been so long that memory has nearly gone,
they come back to me mainly in song.
The first memory is of me and her,
only a blanket and the stars.
Her eyes twinkled as they looked into mine,
a smile crossing my face,
and I thought she would always be mine.

I try to block out their noise,
and ...

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In this world there really is no end.
All we can do is try to bend,
our will to the masters grand design.
He will take what was originally mine.
Hush little baby don't say a word,
your just another member of this herd.
Our time grows bleak as the shadows approach,
this is the end I'll be squashed like a roach.