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you were there for me and helped me make it threw.
you care for me just as much as i do for you.
i must find a way to return the favor.
i want to help and be your saviour.

when i think of life the first thought is death.
when i think of fears my mind is blank.
when i think of happiness i think of my final breath.
when i thought of love my heart did nothing but sank.

its a hot summer day and we both have ice cream.
then you told me we were done and my heart melted, you walked away and i let out a scream.
i brake down and throw my cone to the ground.
i start to cry as the tears cause me to drowned.

depression hurts the most when you lose one that was near.
it hurts even more when you live in nothing but fear.
you sit there running threw all the bad thoughts in your mind.
its hard to forget it all and leave it behind.

here i am once again wishing it was all a dream.
hoping that one day it would all flow down stream.
then it all comes back like a bat out of hell.
and i am once again locked inside this dirty cell.

the sun shines on me as i sit and bleed.
you left me there alone and i died on the inside.
the cuts got deeper along with the thoughts.
it starts to sting but i keep going.

It is like an addiction to me that i just cant get rid of.
Once i started i just couldn't put it down.
The razor feels so great sliding across my arm.
I can't stop its taking over me.

The pain inside shall always remain.
The constant thoughts of death will always be in my mind.
The tears are going to still soak my pillow at night.
There is no escape for me.

the new year now begins and almost everything is in the past.
the years seem to go by so fast.
if only the painful memories would go away just as fast as the years.
if only i could stop shedding the hurtful tears.

This one goes to a good friend.
one that i will be with until the end.
to help them threw and set them free.
this friend is a good person if only the world could see.

brandon kosiarski Biography

I am Brandon Alexander Kosiarski i am 18 years old and now live in St.james M.N. My childhood was not so great. i was born in Easton P.A in 1992. that day i was born was when all the darkness took over me. i was growing up with an abusive father and nobody did anything. i was only 4 when he started to use a closed fist when he was mad at me. then my father got into drugs and it all became parents got a devorse when i was only 7 and i thought things would get better. i then moved to a small town named alpha back in 1999. i then spent most of my childhood there with my mom and older sister.things were going good until i turned about uncle would come to my house every night when i was sleeping and rape me.this went on untill i was eleven and he moved and started his own family and left me alone.then in 2000 my mother had started to see this other guy named marc. they then had 2 twins in 2002. i didnt mind him or the kids because i was outside trying to enjoy my life with two great friends Max Walters and Phillip Walters.things had gotten better for me untill 2003 when my father started to come around. he would try to buy me back and geet me to want him in my life. i refused to allow a monster back in my life. thats when i started to crash and began going threw deprresion. i started to cut myself when i was about 12 or 13. friends always tryed to stop me but i never listened. now i live in minnisota away from my family all except my mom. i still cut but i am trying to stop. i have been to a mental hospital for two weeks for trying to kill myself back in october of 2010. i now sit around and try to be happy. i suffer with very surver deprresion and am bipoler.i have anger issues and some docters say that i am crazy. i am not crazy i am just a victom who finally escaped hell. anyone that would have been in my shoes would be the same way as me. i know want to try and help people get threw hard times. i want to help people stop themselves from becoming like me. i know wish i could take it all back and throw it all away. bt yet again it helped me become a better person. so i hope that people who read this and read my poems can let things out. and hope they can ask for my help. each time i change someones life and make it better i slowly get better. so if you need to talk you can talk to me.)

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Don'T Slip Away

Take it all in and think about what you are doing. You will some day find an answer to all your pain. Don't always take things to serious or you are going to start to slip away.Stop since you are ahead and think it threw. the darkness is taking over you. you have to stop it before its to late. stop before you become a monster and slip away from it all. I didn't catch it in time and its taken over me. I have became a monster and scared everyone away. i let it all get to me and slipped away from it all. Don't let yourself get fooled by the pain. don't lose yourself to all this pain.don't let yourself slip way.

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Abhay Vignesh L 08 March 2011

Read some of your poems.You have great aptitude for verse.Nurture it.Keep writing.

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