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I must be under tremendous stress to write, emotional and drunk. Just one or the other is not enough, the pain just gets worse. But when I’m at my lowest and very drunk, the words pour out of me like water out a fountain. Few times in my life have I been there, only 3 times before at the time of this bio. Fewer also are the poems I post, for I’m no ...

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The Release

I wish to die
I wish to end
Myself to lie
My soul to rend

My lack of fear
From searing pain
I see so clear
My life to drain

So many die
The lucky few
So why not I
My need is true

I sacrifice
It does not end
Death does entice
My life to send

So here I lie
The end so near
Waiting to die
Gods call I hear

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Brennan Scotland Popularity

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