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Words of compassion fall from her lips.
All she wants, is what she fought so hard to have.
Crumbling down in front of her once loving eyes.
Waiting for the day that she can love and be loved.

Crash (Drinking And Driving)

An instant where your vision turns to white.
A racing mind starts to accelerate.
On a dark silent night.

Glass Doors

Loving eyes peering in through a glass door.
Never wanting this never ending war.
Thinking back to all the times we hid on the floor.
Wishing that it wouldn’t be like this anymore.


A place not where your family is.
Nor, where spent your childhood.

Rather a place, where you feel safe.

Call Me Crazy, Call Me Name, But I Still Love You!

Realizing I was the one who did it all
As I fell through the bad, and stepped into the good
I still dream about you, this love can not die.
Call me crazy, call me names, but I still love you.

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Janell Cressman 16 June 2009

an amazing poet! ! a very kind and nice young man, a guy who has an amazing way with words and writing from his heart! Keep writing man, never lose who you are! !

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