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' Unfinished Business'

' My Heart That Is'

' Complete Strangers'

We were complete strangers in the beginninq nd wen ithink of what ever we're becominq
iask myself how did dis happen.
Complete Strangers
I sit here & begin to wonder where are we goinq from here.

Ride O' Die Chick

I can be your ride or die chick
cause I always keep it real.
When you need someone to bail you out
call on me its no deal.


I'll admit i must confess
when i first met you I was impressed.
You're like a diamond with its perfection
like my favorite chocolate the right selection.

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Chuy Amante 22 June 2015

Bri you are really REAL what a breath of fresh air and fire you are not watered down dirt A+

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