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A Child's Plea

Mommy please don't make daddy mad,
because it's not fair to me.
He acts real wild and crazy,
especially when you can not see.


Dear God,
What am i to do?
I'm judged by others while still i await the day to be judged by you.
I know your judgement is the only one that counts,

Love Me Now

Love Me Now
Even though I haven't always been the one,
that you thought you could love.
Love Me Now


Around you sometimes I change the real me.
I smile alot,
but not too much.
I joke alot,

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Brittney Griffin has been a poet for the past 3 years. She is a student at Northern Kentucky University. Poetry to her is more than rhyming words, but a way to excape fear and let your real feelings come out through pen and paper. She hopes to on day write several books showing her talent in writing poetry as well as plays.

Brittney Griffin Popularity