A Child's Plea

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Mommy please don't make daddy mad,
because it's not fair to me.
He acts real wild and crazy,
especially when you can not see.
Because I'm small,
and he's real tall,
I walk around in fear.
For what he just might do,
when you can't see or hear.
I'm scared when he creeps up on me at night,
then when we are out of sight.
He puts his hands on me,
when I can't put up the fight.
I guess he'll think that I'll forget,
so he'll never quit.
And now when he comes around,
I start to feel real sick.
And I'm afraid of my room,
because of what he might do.
And I see all the tears you cry,
When I try to tell you.
Mommy don't cry,
He can leave,
You'll always have me.
And in life sometimes,
Your kids are all you really need.
But mommy please,
please don't wait,
until it's way to late.
Then you'll have to deal with the fact,
that its your fault my life was put at stake.
For men will come,
and so will their love.
And just like it came it will go.
But if you wait on me,
In time.
Our love.
Will grow.

Mary Nagy 08 May 2006

A very sad situation. I hope this is fictional. Many children live this horror. Good job with a very sensitive topic. Sincerely, mary

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Marissa Walker 17 April 2006

This is deep! Very Good Poem!

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