Bruce Larkin

Bronze Star - 2,434 Points (January 23,1957)

Bruce Larkin Poems

1. The Panther's Tooth Is Missing 12/9/2014
2. Jackalopes Don'T Have Spots 12/10/2014
3. The Jackalopes Had A Party 1/6/2016
4. This Really Happened 1/6/2016
5. Erp A Burp 1/6/2016
6. The Land Of The Root Beer Falls 1/6/2016
7. What Little Girls Are Made Of 1/6/2016
8. What Little Boys Are Made Of 1/6/2016
9. What I'd Like To See 1/6/2016
10. A Warning About The Bebab 1/6/2016
11. Zanks Chase Quisterfiggles 1/6/2016
12. Hoopaloops And Sketzels 1/6/2016
13. I Met A Zelf 1/6/2016
14. What Is A Baby Jackalope Called? 3/28/2016
15. The Name For A Baby Jackalope Is Jackteeny 3/29/2016
16. Jennifer Melek Ozgur 6/16/2016
17. Jenka Or Jackyak? 6/16/2016
18. The Jackalope Man Improved A Dr. Seuss 2/28/2018
19. Dr. Seuss Is No Pen Name (Bruce "The Jackalope Man" Larkin) 2/28/2018
20. The Day Dr. Seuss Was Born 2/28/2018
21. Dr. Seuss Nowadays 2/28/2018
22. Invitation To An Interesting Dinner 3/10/2018
23. I Truly Do 3/10/2018
24. Leprechaun Trap 3/10/2018
25. The Day Before Valentine's Day 3/10/2018
26. I'm Buzzing, Snuffling, And Screeching 3/10/2018
27. A Noisy Classroom 3/10/2018
28. Everything Rhymes Here 12/3/2014
29. Grandma's Bad Dog 12/2/2014
30. Frog Lost In Pea Soup 12/5/2014
31. Piano Headache 12/4/2014
32. What Moos, Rows, And Studies 11/25/2014
33. Wally The Warlock's Cauldron 10/30/2014
34. A Witch's Invitation 11/12/2014
35. A Bird Without Hair 11/12/2014
36. A Serious Babysitter 11/20/2014
37. What Do I See On Halloween? 10/14/2014
38. End Of Autumn 10/16/2014
39. The Worst Monster 11/25/2014
40. My Horse Talked Too Much 11/7/2014

Comments about Bruce Larkin

  • Jasmine Villafane (10/27/2014 10:35:00 AM)

    I use your poems all the time in my classroom. They are great! Keep them coming.

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  • Sheila A. Larkin (10/4/2014 4:35:00 PM)

    Poetry should be fun and Bruce Larkin makes it so with his words. Thanks a lot, Bruce!

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  • Jasmin Lopez (5/28/2014 1:06:00 PM)

    My daughter is a huge Bruce Larkin fan. She is always laughing at the silly poems you create. I have also benefited from A Giant Hopes for Visitors poem when it comes to cleaning time :) Keep them coming!

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  • Waldo Graysoul (9/26/2012 4:57:00 PM)

    I asked you to keep posting and you were kind enough to do so. My students say you really are the world's funniest poet. Please keep posting. I could use one poem for each school day.

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  • Waldo Graysoul (9/13/2012 9:28:00 PM)

    These poems are really funny. Don't stop writing.

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Best Poem of Bruce Larkin

Dealing With Problems

They say an upset ostrich
Will stick its head in the ground.
That's no way to fix a problem.
It's not how solutions are found.

When something's not going right
And you wonder if life is fair,
Sticking your head in the ground
Will just get dirt in your hair.

Read the full of Dealing With Problems

I Met A Celebrity

My family went to Hollywood.
There were plenty of things to do.
I decided on that trip
To make one of my dreams come true.

It was hot outside,
But I was looking cool,
Sitting in a chair
Right beside the pool.

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