Bruce Larkin Poems

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Dealing With Problems

They say an upset ostrich
Will stick its head in the ground.
That's no way to fix a problem.
It's not how solutions are found.

A Sad Love Story

The Night Before School Starts

‘Twas the night before school starts,
And all through the city,
Parents were filled with joy.
They were downright giddy.

A Cannibal's Comment

'I don't mean to be rude',
Said the hungry cannibal,
'But I could go for some finger food.'

My Circus Life

They say that in life,
You have to pay your dues.
I went and joined the circus.
I now shine the clown's shoes.

Read Across America

He wrote the 'Cat in the Hat'
And so many other great books.
His fans have grown up to be
Astronauts, teachers, dancers, and cooks.

It Could Have Been An Amazing Chicken

It could have been a rapper;
A true barnyard superstar,
Maybe a feathered hero,
It could have gone so far.

I Met A Celebrity

My family went to Hollywood.
There were plenty of things to do.
I decided on that trip
To make one of my dreams come true.

A Home In The Zoo

The bird flitted from place to place.
She had something she had to do.
Her task was very important;
She wanted to live in the zoo.

National Reading Day

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