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Bruce Currently makes his living as a juggler, physicist, and professional mutterer. When Bruce Larkin was 11 years old, he was struck by lighting while riding his unicycle. Even though that lightning bolt stimulated the part of Bruce's brain which writes funny poetry, it also threw him off of a cliff into the wagon of a passing Gypsy caravan. Bruc ...

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Waldo Graysoul 13 September 2012

These poems are really funny. Don't stop writing.

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Bri Edwards 22 April 2022

Check him out at Wikipedia. bri ;) He's a funny guy!

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Jasmine Villafane 27 October 2014

I use your poems all the time in my classroom. They are great! Keep them coming.

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Sheila A. Larkin 04 October 2014

Poetry should be fun and Bruce Larkin makes it so with his words. Thanks a lot, Bruce!

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Jasmin Lopez 28 May 2014

My daughter is a huge Bruce Larkin fan. She is always laughing at the silly poems you create. I have also benefited from A Giant Hopes for Visitors poem when it comes to cleaning time :) Keep them coming!

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Waldo Graysoul 26 September 2012

I asked you to keep posting and you were kind enough to do so. My students say you really are the world's funniest poet. Please keep posting. I could use one poem for each school day.

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The Best Poem Of Bruce Larkin

Dealing With Problems

They say an upset ostrich
Will stick its head in the ground.
That's no way to fix a problem.
It's not how solutions are found.

When something's not going right
And you wonder if life is fair,
Sticking your head in the ground
Will just get dirt in your hair.

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Bruce Larkin Popularity

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