Bryan Alexander

Rookie (1987- / Wickliffe, Ohio)

Bryan Alexander Poems

1. Weather Man 8/26/2009
2. Pieces Of Moon 8/26/2009
3. Silence 8/26/2009
4. More Rope 8/26/2009
5. Side By Side 8/26/2009
6. Regret 8/26/2009
7. Scared Boy 8/26/2009
8. What Might Have Been 8/26/2009
9. Little Red Mustang 8/26/2009
10. Trees 8/26/2009
11. Logan's Blanket 8/26/2009
12. One Crazy Summer Day At Ceder Point 8/26/2009
13. Hungover And Blinded 8/26/2009
14. Writers Block 8/26/2009
15. Poorly Versed Musings At 4 Am 8/26/2009
16. Two Beautiful Paintings 8/27/2009
17. Her Little Pink Bikini 8/27/2009
18. Dont Leave 9/14/2009
19. Russian Roulette For My Sweet Julliette 9/14/2009
20. It's 4: 59 Pm 9/16/2009
21. Sympathy From A Demon 9/16/2009
22. For Ma At 2: 18 Am Las Vegas Time 9/21/2009
23. 1,000 (My Second Attempt At A Love Poem) 9/21/2009
24. Hearts For The Heartless 9/22/2009
25. Counterfiet Smile 9/22/2009
26. Fireworks 9/22/2009
27. You Call Me 9/22/2009
28. Bad Things Happen To Good People 9/22/2009
29. Shattered In Shame 9/22/2009
30. The Way You Left Me 9/23/2009
31. For Logan Pt.3 (Lift This Off My Shoulders) 9/14/2009
32. Stars... 9/30/2009
33. Stars Pt.2 10/18/2009
34. Sad But True 10/18/2009
35. Mi Amore 10/20/2009
36. Freeeeee Write Part 3 10/27/2009
37. Pacific Ocean Love Pt.2 10/30/2009
38. For Logan (The Boy That Was Brighter Than The Sun) 11/1/2009
39. Just Another Beautiful Day In Cleveland, Ohio 11/2/2009
40. You Cant Spell Garbage Without The 'G'(Notes To Myself) 11/5/2009

Comments about Bryan Alexander

  • Brittany Sutton (10/17/2009 10:14:00 PM)

    hey babe i found your works of art! ! ! ! i didnt see any bout subway cups and crank that batman jk i live your poems your quite talented at more than one thing! ! ! lol

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  • Janell Cressman (10/3/2009 1:14:00 PM)

    Bryan, how do you discribe his poems, I will try to do it justice,
    They are real they are a part of him self, they are brilliantly written and amazingly awesome,

    Keep it real Bryan! !

  • Brianne Burkett (9/20/2009 8:53:00 PM)

    I told you i would make one of these

  • Bryan Alexander (9/16/2009 10:38:00 PM)

    please leave me a comment..... Or Im just gunna keep writing shitty poems and force them on you lol. Seriously let me know what you think. Im a big boy, I can take it. Give it to me raw and honest. I wouldnt have it any other way...............

Best Poem of Bryan Alexander

One Winged Butterfly

Like a one winged
I turn circles in the sky
Lost and spiraling down
Almost unable to fly

I want to find a place
where I can lie peacefully
where your lack of
regrets don't
taunt me
or bring out the
beast in me

Couldn't you take me
out peacefully
instead of piece by piece
in by inch of me

I know you hurt
I hurt too
you ran to a place
where I can't protect you

So confused
So instead of dying
Ill cut off my other
I Have no angel
thus no use for flying

once a butterfly
now a ...

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Weather Man

My head is cloudy
just like the weatherman
said it would be
partiallly depressed
with a good chance of insanity
I put on my straight-jacket
grabbed my umbrella
and headed out the door

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