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Like a one winged
I turn circles in the sky
Lost and spiraling down

Ive been looking
but cannot find
a soul so incomplete
it could be completed with mine

How could I ever capture
in words
How do I describe the feeling

Who is to define
what is poetry
and what is not

You have never
until you hold your child
brand new and innocent

be careful
with my love
not because I am fragile
as in the sense of a roses stem


the summer is ending
I feel Septembers
Cold fingers
reaching around the

I see her face
in the shattered mirror
of my world
and in this moment

fighting this burning
my fingers are yearning
to twist this blade
inside your heart

you shake your hair
and my dreams fall
like arrows shot
from Cupid's bow

Another sleepless night
I count numbers and sheep in my head
but everything brings me back to you
and the smell of your perfume

a cast away
thrown from the ship of sorrow
swam out into the black sea
searching and yearning for land

today I watched my dog (Killian)
jump over a five ft. fence
3 times trying to get to the neighbors tree
and bite this squirrel

I have not lived
but for 22 years
I wondered with eyes half open
and ears half closed

I cant free you from my mind
I cant let go of the noose
you tied so carefully around my neck
seeing you in my mind

I went to the ocean
Parted the seas
and she was
kind enough to reveal

we walked
hand in hand
in the sand
to the edge

Bad things
happen to good people
is it a sign
(a tumor, malignant

when you think it long enough
and hard enough
when it rolls over and over in your mind
like some forgotten load

I can write for you:

melting words
for a frozen heart

Bryan Alexander Biography

In a couple days I am scrapping all these shitty Emo poems and starting over. 'A great poet, a really great poet, is the most unpoetical of all creatures. But inferior poets are absolutely fascinating. The worse there rhymes are, the more picturesque they look. The mere fact of having published a book of second rate sonnets makes a man quite irresistible. HE LIVES THE POETRY HE CANNOT WRITE. The others write poetry they dare not realize.' -Lord Henry from the picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde You could always turn the page.... R.I.P Logan Alexander 1/21/09-5/16/09 You are Loved....)

The Best Poem Of Bryan Alexander

One Winged Butterfly

Like a one winged
I turn circles in the sky
Lost and spiraling down
Almost unable to fly

I want to find a place
where I can lie peacefully
where your lack of
regrets don't
taunt me
or bring out the
beast in me

Couldn't you take me
out peacefully
instead of piece by piece
in by inch of me

I know you hurt
I hurt too
you ran to a place
where I can't protect you

So confused
So instead of dying
Ill cut off my other
I Have no angel
thus no use for flying

once a butterfly
now a caterpillar again
When I had you I could fly
now I'm ordinary again

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Brittany Sutton 17 October 2009

hey babe i found your works of art! ! ! ! i didnt see any bout subway cups and crank that batman jk i live your poems your quite talented at more than one thing! ! ! lol -thursday

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Janell Cressman 03 October 2009

Bryan, how do you discribe his poems, I will try to do it justice, They are real they are a part of him self, they are brilliantly written and amazingly awesome, Keep it real Bryan! !

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Brianne Burkett 20 September 2009

I told you i would make one of these

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