Bryce Edward Coast Poems

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Star-clustered eyes
Of hazel hue
The truest love
I see in you

Nothing Compares

Nothing compares
To the greatness of knowing you
Witnessing the wonders
Of the things you do

When Stars On Earth Die

When stars on earth die
They're reborn stars in heavens sky

Their deeds and charities abode


Purest was the spotless dove
In days of long ago
With wings to reach the skies above
Now only teardrops flow

Poetry In Motion (Acrostic)

Putting pen to paper, words just waltz between the lines
Ordinary made extraordinary simply it defines
Effortlessness of an athlete
The graceful gallops of a horse

Lyrics In A Notebook

Lyrics in a notebook are disclosed unto the world
Out of their secret columns, they are siphoned and unfurled
Contemplated feelings formulated through the years
Journaling the glories and the days of tragic tears

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From clouds, cool teardrops plummet down
Cascading, with percussive sound
In Spring, to douse the barren earth
To nourish deepest roots, that thirst

Divine Sunshine {tanka}

Effervescent rays
Suffuse the aura within
Balming over skin
As I gaze, through tinted shades

A Night At The Beach

At stars, I stare
Bonfires glare
Winds whisper through my hair
The night, so fair

From The Shadows Of Your Wings

Out from the shadows of your wings
I felt the sun unfurl
But a different feeling kindled, when
I looked upon the world