Dove Poem by Bryce Edward Coast


Rating: 5.0

Purest was the spotless dove
In days of long ago
With wings to reach the skies above
Now only teardrops flow

Rememberance of a time reborn
In happy summer days
The ivory snowflakes that adorned
Through winter's blustery haze

Twas freedom that upheld your wings
Upon the placid air
Your eyes beholding wondrous things
Ten thousand miles up there

Above the gleam of city lights
Over the rolling seas
Atop the mountains' utmost height
Past everglades and trees

Sewing the paths of journies gone
Etched into memory
Swimming the skies from dusk till dawn
Farther than eyes can see

Safe assurance in your realm
No worrisome deter
No bounding wave can overwhelm
Or barrier defer

Free and bold, you carried on
To meet your heart's fulfill
Forth and true, the wait far gone
With wing's that can't be still

Alas! unseen assailant gored
Into this gallant sail
Ill-fated wound abruptly floored
And caused this futile flail

Broken will within, beset!
Behold these ruptured wings
Now writhing in a mortal death
No balm to quench the sting

There you lay upon the ground
As it begins to rain
Cooling raindrops, falling down
Into the burning pain

Into Heaven's eyes, now gaze
Beyond the starry night
Beseeching that the wings, you raised
Would once again take flight

Splendor, was the great ascend
In days you touched the sky
But knowing this will be again
With joy, you slowly die

{note: the first poem i ever wrote}

Yelena M. 12 April 2009

You paint a captivating and vivid picture with your poetry, Bryce.Thank you. Best wishes. A.

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Katie Figueroa 24 February 2009

How beautifully done! I applaud you!

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, , , , , , 09 February 2009

for a first poem i'm rather impressed i don't usually read long poems, i have a short memory span but i was captivated

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C. P. Sharma 30 December 2008

The first, the sweetest and the best. CP

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