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Hello everyone, my name is Bryce Edward Coast... Music and poetry have been a pivotal and motivational source to my life along with my family.

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Star-clustered eyes
Of hazel hue
The truest love
I see in you
With each new dawn
I wake to find
Your brilliant smile
Beneath the blinds
Here in this world
Where we've been born
I've found content
From past forlorn
The hopeless thoughts
I used to write
Have evanesced
New thoughts enlight
The anguish leaves
A passion, warms
When you are nestled
In my arms
And though this life
Can break one's stride
I level
With you by my side
Your sense-of-humor
Is a balm
When days corrupt
My inner calm
To breathe you out...
To breathe you in..
I settle
When I touch your skin
All other things
Are just but a blur
When I look at her
This really is
A dream come true
Here savoring
The times with you

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Bryce Edward Coast Popularity

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