Buddhadeb Bosu Poems

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To A Dead Woman

''I will not forget'- -vows so arrogant
life does not forgive. So, let leave vain promises.

Sonnet For Winter, 48

There is nothing out there; draw the curtain close.
Those are only to lull you -- grass, dirt, puddle, sky.
Not that your potted plant, pet songster are any less false.
Fall into yourself, sink into your own black hole.

Now The Battle Is Against The World

Now the battle is against the world, this world,
with me on one side, on the other your eyes silent, deep;
between us the meandering, dizzying path of this world.

A Stranger

Dead are those girls - had breasts like water-lilies;
And the pond so cool with grass and moist snails-
Small; - but beyond knee-deep water was the storm.


The rains have come, and frogs are full of glee.
They sing in chorus, in loud, jubilant voices.

Sonnet, 3 A.M

Only the private is holy; the soft light
On the yellowing page of a book, the print
Legible as stars on the open page of the sky
Or the languid letter you write at midnight to a faraway

Still Life

Golden apple, is there a reason why you are?
After the kiss, striking the air with luster?
Or an aspara’s rounded breast, darkened with the rapture
And held in the hand of a god whose sight is gone?

To The Seasons

Having overcome the accidents of Winter, Summer, Spring, and the Rains,

I welcome at my heart’s evening the void, the null, the absolute zero

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