Bulleh Shah Poems

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Bulla! I Know Not Who I Am

Bulla! I know not who I am

Nor am I a believer of the mosque,
Nor am I in rituals of the infidel
Nor am I the pure inside the impure.

Going To Makkah Is Not The Ultimate

Going to Makkah is not the ultimate
Even if hundreds of prayers are offered

Look Into Yourself

You have learnt so much
And read a thousand books.
Have you ever read your Self?
You have gone to mosque and temple

You Alone Exist

You alone exist; I do not, O Beloved!
You alone exist, I do not!
Like the shadow of a house in ruins,
I revolve in my own mind.

Neither Hindu Nor Muslim

Neither Hindu nor Muslim,
Sacrificing pride, let us sit together.
Neither Sunni nor Shia,
Let us walk the road of peace.

Come My Love

Come my love take care of me,
I am in great agony.

Enough Is Enough

Enough is enough
Talk to me with smile

Enough Of Learning, My Friend!

Stay Silent To Survive

People cannot stand to hear the truth.
They are at your throat if you speak it.
They keep away from those who speak it.
But truth is sweet to its lovers!

Why Should I Go To Kaaba

Why should I go to Kaaba,
When I long for Takht Hazaara?

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