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Once again,
A mended heart is broken.
The air of remorse,
Gushing across my sanity,

Flashing cross my mind

Life is like a dream.
A dream with endless fantasies and mysteries.
Just like a bubble,
It bursts…

(~ The very fate – Encounter ~)
The moon shines bright,
In the middle of a starry night,
With winter breeze that went so light.

Droplets of rain,

Upon the cheers and laughter
On this fine and rich land,
We sometimes do hear
Devastating cries,

A forgotten note,
In the midst of time scented written books…
It’s a piece of time,
Part of it has been taken with me till today;

A place to be loved
A place to put things to a rest
A place to call a shelter…

Gazing at the mirrored me,
I hardly recognize
The soul in me, the truth in me.
It has been years,

God crafted something amazing…
Where we are standing now,
A gift from HIM,
Mother Nature…


Dreams are often yours and mine
Of pearl white roses and Clementine
To the day it’s handed to you on valentine
Moments of these were often sweet and fine

I brushed through the evening sky,
Where birds flying high;
I grinned.
They’re free from everything human has,

Not a word to write,
Not a word to say.
I just stare blankly into the space,
And be hit by loneliness so quiet.

Has the dawn broken?
For crickets are still singing away
from a distance,
far, far, away.

The rain,
Just like the sour tears of my shadow.
Once again,
A spell is cast on me,

I look in your eyes
I sometimes frown…

The guilty twist,
Churning my heart like a windmill gone wild!

A poem for my friends,
I wrote it when the year ends.
Words to be treasured,
You’ll never be alone, that’s assured.

A book with a thousand words,
Seemed like a never ending fountain,
That goes on forever-and ever-and ever.

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An ordinary guy who wished for simplicity and has a passion for poetry, literature and MUSIC. Mariah Carey is my all-time favorite and she filled my life with her songs through and through. Family, friendship and study oriented and most of all, someone whose fate belonged to HIM and the stars. It has been years since I've first started off writing poems. I'm having a collection of 95 poems and I wished to achieve in writing a 100 poems in the coming 3 years. I'm in the midst of pursuing my degree program, with a dream to become a psychologist in years to come. Squash is my all-time favorite and reading would very well be my 'leisure time-killer')

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*once, Then.*

Once again,
A mended heart is broken.
The air of remorse,
Gushing across my sanity,

The fall of loneliness.

With a somber tune,
I hummed a song.

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Steven Pimentel 12 July 2009

readd my poems please & tell me what you think comment please & thank you!

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