C Richard Miles Poems

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Zoo Fruit Feeding Time

At the zoo's fruit feeding time:
An ape ate a grape, .
A porcupine ate a lime,
A skate ate a date,

Watching The Cherry Blossom Dance By Sadler's Wells

Pink cherry blossom sifts like snow
Along Rosebery Avenue,
Where I am sitting on the bus
Since some poor soul's mislaid their pass

Sunshot On The Bus Ride To Hebden Bridge

A bus-ride brought me Hebden Bridge again
This time in summer, though the spiteful clouds
Sheet-shrouding hilltops, half-heavy with rain
This awful August, threatened they dare drown

Caterpillar, Caterpillar - A Children's Poem

Caterpillar, caterpillar, crawl, crawl, crawl;
Don’t fall off the garden wall.
Caterpillar, caterpillar, eat, eat, eat;
Grow so fat on your furry feet.


We sometimes say we need a change,
As a change is good as a rest
But often fail to ponder
If change is for the best.

When We Were Young…

When we were young, we climbed on walls
And scaled the splashing waterfalls
But in these days, the kids are bores
And watch TV and stay indoors.

(a Sense Of Spring)

Now let me taste the tones of spring,
The tang of birdsong, as they sing
In liquid lyrics; let me sink
To sup that succulence, and drink.

A Faithful Friend

Since it was fashioned on the turner’s spinning lathe
The old, ash walking-stick has wandered many miles
On bracken banks, in frost-glazed fields, by heather moors
And waited while I clambered on unsteady stiles.

Thoughts Of A Goldfish

I am a goldfish; I am swimming around this bowl. It is getting dizzy.

A goldfish I am; It is getting dizzy. Swimming around this bowl I am.
Am I a goldfish? I am swimming around this bowl. It is getting dizzy.

A Cry For Burma (Written After The Cyclone 2008)

Cry, for the countless citizens
Of broken, battered Burma
Who call on you to pity them,
With resolutions firmer,