A Cry For Burma (Written After The Cyclone 2008) Poem by C Richard Miles

A Cry For Burma (Written After The Cyclone 2008)

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Cry, for the countless citizens
Of broken, battered Burma
Who call on you to pity them,
With resolutions firmer,
To send your best donation,
Be it cheque or coin or cash,
To save that needy nation
Who have suffered nature’s lash.

Cry, for the dying denizens
Of Irrawaddy’s delta,
Where we have seen the evidence
That whirling wind has dealt a
Blow, that stronger realms would reel from
And mourn the way that Nargis
Chose the feeblest folk to steal from
When she blew at her hardest.

Cry, so we all can liberate
The starving from their squalor
Don’t be unwilling to donate
Each euro, yen or dollar
To give some hope to millions
Who have less than us by far;
They would benefit from billions
In sad, mourning Myanmar.

Cry, that the stolid generals
In that beleaguered state
Will not be callous criminals
And make the wounded wait.
In these dire devastations
We, supported by the press,
Call on all United Nations
For aid in their distress.

Cry, so that hope can rise anew
Despite the joyless junta
And hear this message, loud and true
That you must give, to fund a
Cause, that’s sorely needed
To save these suffering people.
Let’s hope that this is heeded;
Let it ring from every steeple.

Cry, for all to see this urgent cause,
Which must not stay unnoticed.
Let’s keep on shouting still, because
We need to boost man’s motives
Towards the swift salvation
Of that devastated land;
Let us have determination
To hold out a helping hand.

Cry, so that we all can help
To build a better future
For Burma’s benefit, by stealth
That, silently, might neuter
The repression her inhabitants
Have suffered from for years:
Let’s give, so they’ve a fighting chance
For freedom from their fears.

Cry, so no nation can forget,
When new homes are constructed,
That Burma’s misery calls yet
For talks, to be conducted
For regime change, to liberate
Those suffering in silence,
So none need suffer cruel fate
From lowlands to the highlands.

Cry, to keep their country in our minds
So we can learn our lesson
And still recall dictatorship still blinds,
When darkness starts to lessen
And reconstruction gives new life
To those that sadly suffer,
So that we still keep up the fight
So Burma can recover.

Cry, to liberate a weeping land,
So it can hold its head up,
So everyone may firmly understand
And never feel you’re fed up,
As you can help to play a needed part
Through giving a donation
To heal again the wounded heart
Of a benighted nation.

Fay Slimm 27 November 2008

This is composed with such great care and the plea on behalf of the nation of Burma should be read aloud whenever a catastrophy occurs anywhere to show there are people like you, a talented writer of verse, who care enough to cry their cause with fervour...... a wonderful contribution Richard.

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