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At the zoo's fruit feeding time:
An ape ate a grape, .
A porcupine ate a lime,
A skate ate a date,

Pink cherry blossom sifts like snow
Along Rosebery Avenue,
Where I am sitting on the bus
Since some poor soul's mislaid their pass

A bus-ride brought me Hebden Bridge again
This time in summer, though the spiteful clouds
Sheet-shrouding hilltops, half-heavy with rain
This awful August, threatened they dare drown

We sometimes say we need a change,
As a change is good as a rest
But often fail to ponder
If change is for the best.

Caterpillar, caterpillar, crawl, crawl, crawl;
Don’t fall off the garden wall.
Caterpillar, caterpillar, eat, eat, eat;
Grow so fat on your furry feet.

Now let me taste the tones of spring,
The tang of birdsong, as they sing
In liquid lyrics; let me sink
To sup that succulence, and drink.

Since it was fashioned on the turner’s spinning lathe
The old, ash walking-stick has wandered many miles
On bracken banks, in frost-glazed fields, by heather moors
And waited while I clambered on unsteady stiles.

I am a goldfish; I am swimming around this bowl. It is getting dizzy.

A goldfish I am; It is getting dizzy. Swimming around this bowl I am.
Am I a goldfish? I am swimming around this bowl. It is getting dizzy.

Cry, for the countless citizens
Of broken, battered Burma
Who call on you to pity them,
With resolutions firmer,


at the shelter,
staring down the road,
for the late village bus.

As the trailing traffic trundles
Slug-like slow through humdrum London,
Serpentine, so slowly snaking,
As the working world is waking,

Though quite a Europhile, I'll willingly admit
One thing the single currency just cannot do
Though, sadly, truth to tell, the self-same problems sit
Within the British monetary system, too.

They used to call you Cottonopolis,
My Manchester, in that far-distant time
Where smog from smokestacks, gathered grease and grime
In consort, stalked your tawdry terraced streets.

Cross words cross across crossed wires.
Cross-purposes cross reconciliation off the list
as, crosswise, clockwise and counter-clockwise
fight for costly cross-border dominance.

A month to Christmas
And commercialism
Starts to festoon our streets
With all its frippery.

How is it that we poets seem to be
Mere transient custodians of poetry?
For succinct words and phrases seem to fly,
Like unannounced meteors from the sky,

It’s a grand morning now,
But it promises rain,
So let’s make the most
Of the hours that remain:

When we were young, we climbed on walls
And scaled the splashing waterfalls
But in these days, the kids are bores
And watch TV and stay indoors.

The pond seems still beside the pale brown reeds
Still sleeping drowsy from their winter rest
Yet it is spring, so soon from dormant seeds
New shoots will sprout while birds will build their nest.

After I heard Harry’s limerick,
I found that my mind set to simmer. “Rick, ”
I said to myself,
“One might write it itself, ”

C Richard Miles Biography

Brought up in the rustic backwoods of the Yorkshire Dales, I have been exiled, through self-infliction, in the metropolis of London for over half my life, living near the notorious Murder Mile. I started writing poetry at the somewhat advanced age of 46 (Jan 2008 - to be precise) but have caught the bug, the above locations providing some inspiration for some of my poems, which number over 1500 at the last count, not all of which are posted here (or indeed are suitable!) There seem to be at least five or six different poets working inside me, so don't expect to see the same style or theme every time - My poems range from the traditionalist sonnets and strict metrical forms, through the rural, bucolic scenes of the Northern Countryside, past the reflective, nostalgic memories of childhood, to sardonic comment on today's modern lifestyle, slightly humorous nonsense verse and, finally, attempts at more contemporary poetry. Much of my early poetry is of the old-fashioned, rhyming variety, however - I'm a curmudgeonly stick-in the mud although there have been attempts to jazz up my style a little more recently & I'm trying a new modern format without capitals at the start of each line - I'm not sure if traditional forms like sonnets need an old format, though. After summer 2008 I was bold enough (foolish enough? arrogant enough?) to foist myself on the fringes of the London Performance poetry scene. This had an effect on my poetry and new styles crept in - I seem to have acquired a liking for scattergun rants or mock-Gilbertian patter-song rollercoasters of poems although I have been much less active of late and reverted to rhymes and sonnets. The first visitors to my poems may notice I have added my first initial to my name - there appear to be at least two established poets with whom I share my name; I would not wish on them the embarrassment of misattribution of one of my petty scribbles!)

The Best Poem Of C Richard Miles

Zoo Fruit Feeding Time

At the zoo's fruit feeding time:
An ape ate a grape, .
A porcupine ate a lime,
A skate ate a date,

A ferret ate a cherry,
A baboon ate a prune,
A bear ate a pear,
An opossum ate a plum,

A wolverine ate a tangerine.
An armadillo ate a tamarillo,
A bunny rabbit ate a pomegranate,
A gorilla ate vanilla,

A pig ate a fig,
A newt ate a grapefruit,
A lynx ate quince,
A wombat ate a kumquat,

A macaw ate a pawpaw,
An eland ate a lemon,
A llama ate a guava,
An elephant ate a melon,

A tamarin ate a mandarin,
A puma ate a satsuma,
A parrot ate an apricot,
A piranha ate a banana,

Some cattle ate apples,
A mongoose ate mangos,
Some leeches ate peaches,
Some buffalos ate pomelos.

But what seemed strange
At the zoo's fruit feeding time:
No-one ate an orange
Since an orange didn't rhyme!

C Richard Miles Comments

Oye Awojobi 30 November 2020

Planning to include War Drums in our war poetry lessons. Can Richard please give us some context on the poem to help our students understand it better?

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Jackie Lee 05 December 2015

I'd like to use a poem written by C. Richard Miles as a not for profit short film. Who must I contact for the usage rights? I don't see his publisher anywhere.

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