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Love, Love, Love
it is not to be controlled
it is not to be captured
it has it's own laws

You told me
that you love me
but we know
that it was a lie

Famly is a word that can not be controlled and they can't be controlled as people.
The way they make you feel on the inside, it will either be a good or a bad feeling.
When your family is slowly growing and falling apart at the same time...
be prepared to feel almost every emotion there is.

Greek women are so powerful and you can tell the hold their heads high
What is it with them?
Is it the fact that they come from a place that is known for being powerful?
Or is it just simply the fact that they are strong women?

as the world spins
we move faster and as we move faster
the world becomes more of a blur
The wind in my eyes and the frozen tears

Vanilla Twilight
So sweet
and beautiful
So kind

I got these lyrics in my head, but damn it's so hard to write 'em down
Sh... don't make a sound, you're gonna let the animal out....
She was always the girl who thought she knew it all..
Damn she lost the ball

You can take everything from me
I'll still have my dignity
but you'll always be just a bully

Society creates this image of what the perfect person looks like. Well they did an awesome job... but they knocked a couple of people over trying to reach the top. Now you can look at people (girls mostly) will do what ever it takes to fit that image. They pop pills, cut, starve them self, anything that they can think of that will help them...

Satanist... a taboo part of the world, of religion, and strangely enough RELATIONSHIPS... this is a story from a guy's POV

She was the new girl, you could tell...
She dressed in a band T-shirt, red skinnies, and wore black combat boots. She had a green nose piercing too, her make up had five different colors; Purple, Red, Green, light Blue, and white. Her piercing blue eyes could easily stare into your soul, and her full lips were such a rosy pink, you just wanted to kiss her.

A feeling of shame has crawled over my body,

Flames burn my self-esteem, and ice has frozen my heart.


Life is Life....
You don't have to
like it
but you sure


What is life when you have nothing else to live for?
What is death when all you lived for is gone?
What is a home when it becomes broken?
What is a family when it's torn apart?

So beautiful, so pretty
So damn perfect
What do I use them for?

The blood pours down his arm
while he cuts the blade
he feels the pain and loves it
his girlfrend wants him to stop

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Poetry is my life! ! ! I write when I feel strongly about something.)

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L'Amour, L'Amour, L'Amour!

Love, Love, Love
it is not to be controlled
it is not to be captured
it has it's own laws
that we do not know
but when a guy or girl
comes along
and he or she not the right one
he or she is just another part
to the road of your love
he who is 'the one'
is in many ways just like you

L'amour, L'amour, L'amour
set it free
he or she will find you
it is ment to be
no matter how old or young
it is love

L'amour, L'amour, L'amour! ! ! !

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