Caitlin KittyBear Daniel

Rookie (2-16-1995 / Tyler, TX.... Chapel Hill, NC)

Society - Poem by Caitlin KittyBear Daniel

Society creates this image of what the perfect person looks like. Well they did an awesome job... but they knocked a couple of people over trying to reach the top. Now you can look at people (girls mostly) will do what ever it takes to fit that image. They pop pills, cut, starve them self, anything that they can think of that will help them... some go as far as surgery. Society you suck! ! ! You've ruined people because of your selfish ideas of the Perfect Person.

I try to be happy about who I am, and what I look like. Then I go to class, and I'm surrounded by these Skinny girls who think they are fat. It makes me want to slap them! I know that even some guys go through this as well.

I see these pictures of guys saying 'you're beautiful, don't ever forget that.' They say that they hate players... but aren't they doing the same thing too? Not to mention that it doesn't help, sometime it just makes things worse.

I know that true beauty is on the inside... and that makes me a beautiful person, but it doesn't change how I feel about what I look like. I also know that I'm not fat... just a bit over weight. I'm tall so that helps, and my face is thin. It's just my stomach that I hate... the stretch marks... don't help at all. The hottest day of the year, and I'm still wearing jeans, and loose T-shirts.

And just know this... I'm not 'fishing' for anything... it's just how I feel. I don't know how long until I feel a little bit better about my self. I just know that one day it will happen, and all those years of being made fun of will 'pay off'. I'll make them regret how they treated me.

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