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I saw a starlit melody
in the sky,
above the sea.
The somber tune,

'Do not enter politics! '
That's what my mama said.
She said if I got down in that pit
my morals would be dead.

Mighty Ev'rest looks out upon
The vastness of creation,
And on its surface treks with vigor
A minuscule abomination.

Make me a song
and sing sweet in my ear.
Spin me a tale
and relieve all the fear.

They did not know the value of what they were enduring,
and only sensed the burden of rich rations.

The rites of pigs were not the cure,

With infinite pride I live out my life way,
despite what the puppeteers sneeringly say.
I roam with no path fully free of their strings.
Living for life, not material things.

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Sons Of Sea And Salty Air

I saw a starlit melody
in the sky,
above the sea.
The somber tune,
from sunken graves,
echoes up
to reach for me.

The moon of voyages long past
thunders 'round,
this song comes last.
when life is gone,
and spirits pass.
Hear their call,
death's parting blast.

Poseidon's sons now rest in peace,
moved only,
by shifting tide.
Their mortal lease,
gone are they,
beneath the beast.

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Calico Jack Popularity

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