Can I Live? Poems

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And You Will Never Love Me Back

Now that I've heard your reasons
Now that I know your curse
Now that I see your heart
It's so cold and hard like stone


If my world were perfect
And we were all blind
And my love had fallen
Into this state of mind

Addiction (English Sonnet)

What life of yours could pay for this false hope?
Lying, screaming, always, always for more
Tightly rolled cigarettes and hot Death smoke
On your hands and knees, you searched on the floor.

I Remember (Italian Sonnet)

I remember too well about falling.
And in my sleep, I said those words I hate
because all they brought me was pain and rage.
That look made me weak and left me crawling.

Funeral For A Penguin

I believe that this world’s clock is ticking,
Disaster around the corner,
Waiting for its next victim.
From what I have seen…

Thanks, Doc

I just wanted to say
That I thank you so kindly
Because all I really wanted you to do
Was criticize my work

Fire, Dirt, And Clay

My eyes are full of fire
Can't I just fly away?
My mouth is full of dirt
My nose, of clay

Wait For Me In My Dreams

Wait for me
I'll be in my dreams
Tonight it seems that
Forever you keep me

You'Ll Never Know Me

You'll never know
[you'll never know]

Not who I was

I Believe You

You promised you would never hurt me
I smile and I believe.
I believe in you.
I believe I am what you make me