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Red rays to the right
Blue sparks to the left
Yellows hue in the center shining bright
Black shadows of torment in your mind

Held inside for many years
The power was hidden
Through many lost tears
Opening to the powers that be

Wake up from the doom and the gloom
Your lifes calling so step forward
The sun and earth await you so get out of that room
Let your love shine for others to see

My special love
My helpful friend
My caregiver
My future dreams

You are special and full of love
Though your world seem like its crashing
Reach deep within now to rise above
Take care and nuture in this test of life

Love of yourself
Life to live to its fullest
Dream to fulfill
Forgivness to ease your mind


Here they come loaded with pain
Soaked with the hatred of your minds one way veiw
Enjoying the evil and all that you gain
Blinded never to search for peace in your soul

Find it now the time will pass
Search your heart to grasp the light
Its no to late to mend your soul
Connect with Gods true white light

Getting ready and it feels so right
The baits on the hook
The cast took flight
Excitment rising with a nibble

As the world crashes around you
Waves of pain aimed at your heart
The shallow one who drains you awakens
Reaching for new ways and forgivness

Thousands of pictures to veiw
Not only my eyes pleasure
The beauty passes to you
A challenge at times but not to hard to take

Here it comes as melting iceburgs fall
Warmer oceans with higher tides
And thats not all
Waterfront properties will need a paddle

Blue eyes of two are in my sight
A man a child or a comedian
The friend with true love each day and night
Blue eyes that confuse stare and amaze

Red swirls and dances all around
Yellow twists and tingles within
Pink sings to my heart without a sound
Green calms in waves that soar

Yes its coming at the speed of light
The time to learn of it is now
This will be so huge without fright
Open your eye to the incredible force inside of you

A short time away our eyes will see
Position of the earth will slightly jolt
With a new way for mankind war free
Visions of beauty with the milky way so near

Your friend is an evil power that has you in his clutch
You have leaned on him for years
Now worn and broken and still desiring his touch
The pain and heartbreak pours out around you

In a rut? Its time to rise
Get rid of hate and sorrow
Open your eyes
Outside a fantasy of natue does await

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Crystal Heal

Red rays to the right
Blue sparks to the left
Yellows hue in the center shining bright
Black shadows of torment in your mind
Orange rusty memories fade
Silver stars beacon for you to find
Green bounty of nature to enjoy and explore
Gray clouds of sadness be gone
White lights are cast to heal your core

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Candy Transcends Popularity

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