Candy Transcends Poems

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Crystal Heal

Red rays to the right
Blue sparks to the left
Yellows hue in the center shining bright
Black shadows of torment in your mind

A Gift For You

Held inside for many years
The power was hidden
Through many lost tears
Opening to the powers that be

Come Out Of The Darkness

Wake up from the doom and the gloom
Your lifes calling so step forward
The sun and earth await you so get out of that room
Let your love shine for others to see

You Know You Are

My special love
My helpful friend
My caregiver
My future dreams

Frozen Water

You Are

You are special and full of love
Though your world seem like its crashing
Reach deep within now to rise above
Take care and nuture in this test of life

Come And Get It

Love of yourself
Life to live to its fullest
Dream to fulfill
Forgivness to ease your mind


Here they come loaded with pain
Soaked with the hatred of your minds one way veiw
Enjoying the evil and all that you gain
Blinded never to search for peace in your soul

Find It To Survive Your Mind

Find it now the time will pass
Search your heart to grasp the light
Its no to late to mend your soul
Connect with Gods true white light

Satisfaction On The Line

Getting ready and it feels so right
The baits on the hook
The cast took flight
Excitment rising with a nibble

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