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Poet Actor 04 January 2007

Hi Carrie. I think your poems are really personal and emotional, and that's a really good thing in poetry. You're really hitting me with your poems, and I can almost feel them as I read them. Really good work.

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A Letter To My Mom

Mom I love u but it hurts me when your like this.
Mom you may not be perfect but I love you,
you may do wrong but I love you.

Mom the things you say it hurts. what u say I believe because your my mom.
Mom, I know you make mistakes, your human and I love you for that.

Mom, why do you say things that would hurt me.
Why do you hurt me.

Mom, I realize that I can be a brat
but saying things like that it hurts.

Mom, when you say that, it makes me feel
like I want to die because I want to make you happy..

Mom, if it wasn't for you I could be on drugs or dead.
Mom, I love you,
I need you to stop saying these things.

I love you,
I need you,
Mom, forgive me for what I have done please
just please love me.

Mommy, i love you.
please forgive me for everything I've done and yet to do.

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