Casey Stewart Poems

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Loss Of Innocence

Curiosity grows, finding new ground
Temptation breaks all resistance
Dark discoveries flood in
Innocence swept away

Where Is My Love?

I am nothing but a lonely tree on a hillside
The fierce wind blowing through me, hollow
Another beautifull fall passed, my chance missed
I need love, now more then ever

Writer's Block

I've got the feeling again, creeping in
I stare blankly at the wall
Its what they call writer's block
Help me, please, I don't want to fall


So now you’re gone
And I’m left alone
Here in this hellhole
You say that I had the chance

A Rainy Evening

In a room lined with marble
I find a moment of peace
Standing there with a calm breath
I realize, life goes on...

Take A Deep Breath And Love

Wake up with the lights on
It’s not exactly fear, its loneliness
Your time here has expired
And your ready to leave


It's that time again
Signaled on by the needs of men
I give in
To strong addiction

The End

I see it coming in my dreams
A smoking gun; red on white
I do not cry, I smile
It is fate by choice, not by God

A Heart Reflected In A Reflection

Who's next in line?
Ah it's you, beautiful girl
Another year, another chance
High hopes, lightwight heart

Another Chance

A warm breeze blows through a cold state,
How similar my heart is to this weather,
A beat lost within my chest as she is found
It is that season again, death and decay loom,

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