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Curiosity grows, finding new ground
Temptation breaks all resistance
Dark discoveries flood in
Innocence swept away

I am nothing but a lonely tree on a hillside
The fierce wind blowing through me, hollow
Another beautifull fall passed, my chance missed
I need love, now more then ever

I've got the feeling again, creeping in
I stare blankly at the wall
Its what they call writer's block
Help me, please, I don't want to fall

So now you’re gone
And I’m left alone
Here in this hellhole
You say that I had the chance

In a room lined with marble
I find a moment of peace
Standing there with a calm breath
I realize, life goes on...

Wake up with the lights on
It’s not exactly fear, its loneliness
Your time here has expired
And your ready to leave

It's that time again
Signaled on by the needs of men
I give in
To strong addiction

I see it coming in my dreams
A smoking gun; red on white
I do not cry, I smile
It is fate by choice, not by God

Who's next in line?
Ah it's you, beautiful girl
Another year, another chance
High hopes, lightwight heart

A warm breeze blows through a cold state,
How similar my heart is to this weather,
A beat lost within my chest as she is found
It is that season again, death and decay loom,


The problem is time,
Slip, slip, slipping away,
Gears spin, hands turn,
but I stand, trying to hold on

I was a tin man,
Old, rusted and squeaking,
I refused to be so cold,
went out to find something,

The sky is falling my friends,
Everything must come to its end,
A fork in the road,
Holding on longer will just

Surrounded by people,
Yet all alone,
Wandering through the fog,
Silhouettes call to me,

Have some restraint, control the emotion
Fixing this mind, will take time
Little lists and reminders only go so far
I must want to change, and now…

Before a tree can take root in the soil,
A thousand drops of rain it must take in,
A thousand seconds of sunlight must soak it as a seed,
Before a boy can become a man, a thousand tasks must be completed

Write it all down, everything that has ever happened,
Because our past is precious right?
Because we shouldn’t forget our roots,
So many crossing paths and mistakes made,

Am I growing?
Do I learn at all?
These mistakes keep happening
I am a fool to think


You listened to me burn your heart
You realized I’m not completely there
That part of my heart is elsewhere,
But I’m afraid you’ve learned to ignore

Because I don’t want to know that you are going
And I’m sick of ignoring the problem of absence
I’ll miss you so much and that truth burns
So just let me be so I can prepare

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Usually a picture or a list of stats can be found in a biography. Anything from height to favorite food are all items that can be used to describe someone. I believe to truely understand someone, you must understand them on a deeper level then simply physically. Only when someones hand is held and shoes are filled, can that person ultimately be understood. So who am I? If you held my hand it would be warm, but it might just tremble a little because I'm nervous, but I'm not going to back down from the challenges that await me. I seek answers to all my questions and above all, happiness. I believe in fate and that this year, along with next, are the final chapters in my childhood. My name is Casey Stewart, but only through my words might you begin to understand.)

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Loss Of Innocence

Curiosity grows, finding new ground
Temptation breaks all resistance
Dark discoveries flood in
Innocence swept away
Sinfull satisfaction sweeps over
Curiosity laughs, temptation has won
Sources change, sin remains
Innocence is dead, replaced
Solemn days, no surprises
The sun shines over cold flesh
A warm heart beats, needing joy
Content for now, a mind wanders
Innocence has been lost...

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Casey Stewart Popularity

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