Isolation Poem by Casey Stewart


So now you’re gone
And I’m left alone
Here in this hellhole
You say that I had the chance
To stop you or come with you
But is that how things
Were meant to be?
And now the days crawl forward
Each hour an eternity
I miss you already and this
Is only the beginning
At night the walls and floors
Speak to me with the dark as their mask
They say that I am alone
And I wonder if I’m going crazy
Because I always feel like someone
Is there watching over me,
Waiting for me to make a move
So that it may be my last
And it is not the horror of movies
Or of books that I fear
It is the mere thought of isolation forever
Because as the first month passes
Six overshadowing ones are left
And every week I feel more and more
Trapped within my own mind
Soon I will be busy,
but I doubt that will distract me
From wondering where I am and why I came here
I never wanted independence from everyone
I just wanted a chance to live alone with those I love
And be happy without depending on others
But in the end
The truth is
We must be with others
To be happy

Angelic Warrior 05 September 2009

great poem! ....truly wonderful! very true........great message at the end so true...: D

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