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Our friendship has always been strong
Even when we didn’t know it
We’ve forgiven the things done wrong
Every single thing and every little bit

Every time I'm near you
Every piece of me seems to ache
I begin to feel like I'll crumble in two
But I hold together for love's precious sake

Crawling, crawling
You’re beginning your life

Walking, walking

Ever made that one mistake
That you knew would bring pain
All night you lie awake
While everything comes down in vain

The sound is deafening
They won’t stop the madness
They’re words are threatening
Bringing only hurt and sadness

Life is struggle
But you always hear the sound
Of the voices in a toggle
And you don’t know where you’re bound

I thought you were a true friend
We shared secrets many times
I thought I’d never see the end
But the sun no longer shines

I can see the pain in your eyes
I can sense the hurt in your heart
In my head, I can hear your cries
It’s plain to see you’re falling apart

The Devil no longer clings to me
And I no longer to him
God is stronger than he could ever be
And He has forgiven my sin

How do you take back what's been done?
How do you go back and rewind?
Suffering for my sin has now begun
Not a single wrong was left behind

I'm searching in the darkness
I'm groping for something to grasp
In the distance I can see a light
And it's barely out of sight

Was it a lustful obsession?
Or was it a true feeling
Was it the remedy for our depression?
Or just an endless ceiling

Do you ever feel broken?
Do you ever wish your feelings could be spoken?
All you feel is darkness and hate
Every little thing is dangling like bait

Little ones are killed everyday
And the doctors don’t seem to care
“They’re not yet humans, ” is what they say
Just the thought, for me, is too much to bear

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I'm a 16 yr-old high school student. I live in the country, in the middle of nowhere, in Welborn Fl. I go to a the redneckiest high school around of Branford! My bestest buds are Michelle Pope, who also posts her poems on here, and Timmy Clark, who is my sis's boyfriend but like a bro to me. I love reading, drawing, listein' to music, talkin' on the phone, bein' w/ my boyfriend Jeffery, goin' to school, shoppon', huntin', fishin', and of course, writing poetry.)

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True Friendship Bond

Our friendship has always been strong
Even when we didn’t know it
We’ve forgiven the things done wrong
Every single thing and every little bit

Sometimes I stop and wonder
What life would be like without you
And I pray our friendship will never go under
Because now, we’ve started anew

No matter the fights we’ve shared
We were still close at heart
Even when we didn’t think we cared
Nothing could break us apart

Fond memories we had together
To our children, we will pass on
I hope they last forever and ever
So that others may see, our true friendship bond

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