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Finding the light in the midst of despair
And dazzle at the summits of their hopes
It’s a moment of danger
The pierced motion

I always know
Where to embed the heartache
and remain silent
Silence is blameless

He came from a misery land
Walking on the boulevards of the west
Loved one and another mother countries
No more expectation finally

My passion
Will burn you
Like a naked night
Swallowing the stars

The white window lattice, silk curtain and lamp shade
Chrysanthemum in color orange and green the fern leaves
I found you in the three colors
Surrounded by silence

The Old Street

A street was thinned into a line of words
In the palm of the history



Her beauty
Has been shed in vicissitudes

Life in Death

Icicle arrow
Scratching the daylight

This poem is to salute to an artist(Lin, Hong Wen) , of his steel sculpture in Tong Ho Steel

Juxtaposed on the soil
Group the steel sculptures


A fishing rod
Stretch into the fishing pond slightly
Sneaking the child
Look around furtively

You and Your Lots- Butterfrogs

Your tongue always parrot the old tunes
Like a camel cried over the aeon on the roof

You opened the door toward the garden
Grinned to me and called
'Have the lunch! '
I looked at your pink

Take the stairs climbing to open
The skull
I search for the thoughts
The integrity

'I do not love him (her) , but I want a home'
Assume the name of love
Holding hostage by other's freedom and trust
Assume the name of love

If Sunday afternoon was extended
A few months
Human’s sweat will be liberated
Departs from the stress of curse

Guppy shuttles the time’s pattern

Her eyes
Placing on the stage

Child holding a branch
Along the wall
Sliding the way down
Measuring the distance between home and school

The Queen in east
Steppe Nefertiti
Dressing the triumph in red
Galloping her gesture through the green

Along the coffin
The last pilgrimage
Row of people in wiping tears
In sight the silent dialogue of black veil and white roses

Please promise the land a dream
Promise an innocent death of human’s vice
Raft of life
In the undercurrent of waves

Catherine Yen Biography

Graduated from Providence University, Western Language Department, worked for IBM Taiwan for 31 years, profession in marketing and retired in 2004, a collector of western and Chinese arts, connoiseur and commentator of western arts, Director of Asian Cultural Council,33 south Group attributed to Rockfeller's Foundation in New York. Hobby, painting, writing and reading. http: // user=25gnno5h354gp)

The Best Poem Of Catherine Yen

Eyes Of The Ages

Finding the light in the midst of despair
And dazzle at the summits of their hopes
It’s a moment of danger
The pierced motion
Can’t find its path

The desire toward the world of truth
Inviting to impose by the uncompromised
Who yearns for blameless intimacy
And release of the caged faintheart
Led by the moon
Guiding to the indistinct

My art,
The accomplishment from the forsakenness
When the grotesque parody of humanity has evolved
The twisted I,
Become the dissenter of future eyes.

My great work,
Is a monument to the eyes of the ages,
Sang to the irises
And all the way down to the foul body
To the restless heart
And, another human heart
It constitutes the sole shadow on my loneliness
That the eternality has been made.

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Catherine Yen Popularity

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