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Every morning it's a trip to the Sea.
To watch the ships as they flee.
Oh Bessie can't you see,
He's never coming back to thee.

I fell in love with your whisper
Yet on poetry dreams
Your breath on my neck chased loneliness
Your presence dwells in my palm

The quiet of the night mocks my wretched song,
The lone path is long winding and shadowy dark

Listen to the howling wolf; he too hide in brush alone

I gaze upon snow distant meadows
Diamonds glisten like rare jewels
I dream of mirror pools in your eyes
Enchanted with never ending blue oceans

Autumn rain chilly and bold
Soon winds come drenching cold
Colors whisper to light the fire
Autumn weather has warm desire

Oh the pride that the Father gives
His beauty touches me deep
Green tree branches sway
The wind, I am glad to feel

Painting Tomorrow

Blushing pink sunset peeks beneath
Oak limbs shadowing tranquil evening

At night a whisper ponders
Like the morning dew gravity pines
Journey sings deep within a soul
Heart yearn for a world of moral

In Narnia a far door opens
Light is beyond in brightness
Crystal steins shine stunning
Liquid warmth fills to brim

Appreciate each fleeting blossom

Existent reality expresses epic love story

Longing heart walks up the dark trail
It whisks through the mind in a melancholy
The lonely heart cries for the touching surge
Smiles change to down cast hills and rain filled valleys

Elusive Dream (echo)

Night has no grace without moonlight
yet heavy clouds burst in pouring rain

A note to self

Anger serves no purpose
It doesn’t satisfy the wounded

While your sleeping
I tap out keys
Writing what the mind sees
Will it be some sad muse

May Peace Prevail on Earth

May loins sleep and tigers not hunt

This morning moon shines blue
Peeking sun steps up to watch
Having delight to see her in grandeur
Crisp morn waves a wand of delight

Paint me in frozen, fair white and grey
Whisper a longing of summer day
Hug me in scented lilac in trees
Let me hear whispers of bumble bees

I don't know you
Yet I'll know you, as you whisper
Tones of your softness echoes
Like the mountains are seen

Dancing with my yarn hair
Blowing in the wind
Wish for a little touch
From my human friend

Passion is always nigh
Dreams are treasured
upon the breathe
of tomorrows kiss

Cat Hodgson Biography

I try to be a inspiration in what I write. Poems, songs, and stories. I write in simple form for the average reader to understand. I sometimes get a little quirky in my writing, but that makes it fun! I do a lot of creative things like photography, paintings, making jewelry and so much more. I like cooking and baking. I enjoy reading a good book.. I am 80% deaf. I'm happily married..With a grown daughter and son..)

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Heavens Sea

Every morning it's a trip to the Sea.
To watch the ships as they flee.
Oh Bessie can't you see,
He's never coming back to thee.

In the storm his bow did rip.
That's when he made his last trip.
Her mind just won't let it be.
It's his face she longs to see.

At the old bench is where she'll see.
The love she's lost..
On Heaven's Sea..

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