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One week turns into two weeks
As this two weeks turns into a month
Time flies quickly
But the clock ticks slowly

Oh Toradol shot
You hit the spot
But not the right one
You make me scream in pain

To all those people
Who think I'm ugly
Who think I'm fat
Who think I'm worthless

Should I pray to a goddess
Or sing to The Lord?
My heart is burdened
And I can't take much more

Roses are red
Voliets are blue
Everytime I go to bed
I think about you

I run away
Depression catches up
It chokes me until I can barely breathe
He lets me breathe enough to slowly suffer

I committed suicide
On Christmas day
decided I couldn't live the way I was living
Being so miserable in so many ways

Never will I forget the first time a razor hit my wrist
Never will I forget the blood that shed
Never will I forget how my problems became this huge list
Never will I forget the puddles of red

When I cover my scars
I'm no longer the emo one
I'm no longer that girl with cuts on her arms
No longer the shadow that covers the sun


I remember that day in 5th grade
I asked you 'Can I learn to play? '
You told me 'I have a cello
not the best but still playable'

My eyes are red
My tears are blue
My thank you's aren't enough
To pay you for everything you do

There's no hope
in a life so dull
Because depression happens on sunny days
Just as much as depression happens on days with no light

It's what's on my mind
Just another hair
Just one more time
Pull pull pull

The image of my room in my head
Feeling locked up in this dome
Wanting to sleep in my own bed
Home sweet home

What Am I
When the music stops playing
When the reality of life sets in
And my life is spinning

Goodbye is the hardest word you can say
Whoever said 'Goodbyes are bitter sweet'
Has never said goodbye to light of day
Nor has a goodbye beat them like a cleat


Tears fall from my eyes
Because I am confused
I'm tired of goodbye's
and every game I've played,

I have to many questions
But I'm not seeking for the anwsers
I'm depressed
But I don't want to be happy

I have never loved until I loved him
And before that what I thought was love Was actually pure hate
I never looked into someone eyes
And saw what I see in him

A rock is a person who keeps you sane
In a world where everyone is crazy
My rock is a caring, loving man
To look in his eye, I find peace

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One week turns into two weeks
As this two weeks turns into a month
Time flies quickly
But the clock ticks slowly
Waiting for that month to become an hour
I will not let this clock mock me anymore
I turned that month into 2 months,
Then two months more
I cried and cried
Why is recovery so hard?
I want this so badly
But I get blinded by the clock that ticks away
Waiting for months of recovery to go to waste
As I hold on to little straps of strings
I pull myself up with all my strength
And I'm just taking it day by day
For this is all I can take
I hear the clock ticking louder
As the amount of days get bigger
But I block everything out
And force myself to keep hanging on
Sooner than I know it,
It's been 7 months, and soon to be 8
With each month that goes by,
I become more proud of myself
I've become a stronger person
And more importantly,
I'm becoming the person I've always wanted me to be

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