Cayla kubinski Poems

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This Boy & This Girl

This boy &This girl,
were the best of friends.
From elementary to high school
from beginning to end.

You'Re The Guy

this is a poem i wrote recently about a guy that i just met its dedicated to him and its about him his name is vince

you're the guy that i would lie for,

I Can'T Wait

I can't wait for the summer so i can be with you,
I can't wait for it to be just us two.

i can't wait to kiss your lips,


the sky is turning green
the grass is turning blue
only because i'm wishing for you
my hate is the darkest red

I Love You Goodbye...

rain is falling on the ground
here i am trying not to make a sound
i open the door
and fall to the floor

I'Ve Loved You Today...

The rain is pouring down all around
I stop spinning and fall to the ground
As i lie down the world around me is turning
And inside, my heart is burning