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1. In My Eyes 5/18/2011
2. The Power Of Words 5/19/2011
3. Love And Me 5/19/2011
4. I'M Tired 1/27/2012
5. Take It Back 4/10/2012
6. I'M A Clown 5/11/2012
7. Moving On 5/20/2012
8. The Regret Of Regretting 7/29/2012
9. What I Call It 8/11/2012
10. Your Little Allusion 8/26/2012
11. Forbidden Love 8/31/2012
12. Unforgotten Pain 5/27/2012
13. Humanity 7/24/2012
14. Don'T You? 2/17/2013
15. Abandoned Druggies House 4/4/2013
16. It's Not That 7/19/2013
17. Everlasting Hurricane 7/19/2013
18. No More Stars 7/19/2013
19. Aim, Don'T Settle 7/25/2013
20. Questions Answered No 5/7/2012
21. No Longer Blinded 9/26/2012
22. Ugly Sunset 5/7/2012
23. No Escape 1/27/2013
24. Her Love Is My Drug 2/16/2013
25. My Portrait 7/24/2012
26. Justice Be My Hero 5/23/2012
27. I'M Human 5/7/2012
28. Living With Regrets And Mistakes 7/19/2013
29. Confusion 5/19/2011
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what does confusion do to you.
it probably get you searching for clues.
confusing always get a person musing.
musing makes people work so hard for the answer.
it can be in a soul of a singer or dancer.
write down your confusion on paper.
so you can find your answer later.
you can get confusion by love or hate.
just know that confusion is ever persons fate.
don't worry if you don't know about confusion.
but confusion only gets a person musing.

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In My Eyes

when your look in my eyes what do you see?
do you see the pain or the anger i hold inside?
what do you see in my eyes?
maybe only the brown color of my pupil
or a tear wanting to cry out
in my eyes you should see the bravery and the strength i have too look into your eyes.
and when you look in my eyes i tell you what others don't
in my eyes you can tell my emotions and my thoughts
when you look in my eyes you can see that their actually more than eyes

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