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Chaarzarul Rockett Poems

1. Marching On The Footsteps Of Our Forefathers 3/11/2012
2. Love And Happiness 4/22/2012
3. My Sugarbear 5/11/2013
4. Untitled 5/23/2013
5. Ghost Miser 8/28/2013
6. Waiting For The Crash 8/28/2013
7. Doppelganger 11/9/2013
8. Unimportant 12/20/2013
9. Dude, Really? 12/25/2013
10. Your Remains 12/30/2013
11. Swamp City 1/29/2013
12. The Hunter On The Hill 5/23/2014
13. Quarter 6/19/2014
14. In The Chamber Of Death 6/19/2014
15. The Shadowlands 7/1/2014
16. The Devil's Bargain 8/12/2014
17. The Man's Machine 11/2/2014
18. Kingdom For A Horse 5/28/2015
19. A Thru Z 5/28/2015
20. No Meaning 6/8/2015
21. Diamonds 6/11/2015
22. Waiting To Die 6/14/2015
23. Confidence 6/25/2015
24. To Reach The Top 2/9/2016
25. Bullshit 2/16/2016
26. The Suffering Of Time 2/18/2016
27. The Fountain 3/9/2016
28. Death's Mirage 3/9/2016
29. Saddest Story 3/9/2016
30. Honor 4/6/2016
31. Loser's Game 4/23/2016
32. The Origin Of Satisfaction 4/28/2016
33. The Port 5/17/2016
34. Vampires, Zombies, And Meth 12/27/2014
35. The Honorable Fool 5/23/2014
36. Beneath The Shade 5/10/2013
37. Mrs. Whitepants 1/23/2014
38. Timespell 4/28/2012
39. Kingdom Of God 12/3/2012
40. The Slave And The Vagabond 3/11/2012

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Soul Collector

Upon waking, I could smell the roses
Calling me to their thorns
I clutched one of them, and felt their pain
And asked God, 'Why was I born? '

And then, I saw the light above
The Sun, Moon, and Stars
I felt the ground beneath my feet
And history showed me scars.

Scars of men, gathering roses
To place above their beds
In the slumbering sweetness of lust
The price of such, their heads

So, I gained knowledge, I knew fear
I walked a many miles
To find the answer lying still
Like angry crocodiles.

For, I am the answer, I am the ...

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There are ways to be wild, without being woody.
As there are ways to be bad, without being goody.
The scenes in the mountains could be scenes in the mall.
It's just a matter of taste, and how you stare at it all.
Do not be ashamed to pick up that stogey,
just give it a brush, and it is no longer grodey.
And if you happen on a sandwich, that isn't quite done,
just make sure that nothing has crawled under the bun.
The same sun rises and sets in the city,

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